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It's been a wild week!

2004-09-13 - By kieron

Lots of things have happened in the EVE universe this week. Some mediocre, some good, some great!

Oveur and I have had spotty activity with the community and our co-workers this week, but for different reasons. Earlier in the week, Oveur hurt his back at home. This caused some problems as it limited the amount of time that he could spend at the keyboard.

I attended the Austin Game Conference and have had limited computer access (who would have thought that at a game conference!). As a result, my ability to check e-mail and the forums has been rare. However, I sat in on some outstanding sessions, learned some new things and will hopefully bring back some positive changes.

Oveur's back is on the mend and I'll be back to work Tuesday, so things are going to be getting back to normal Very Soon™.

Big things have happened in EVE this week, with 10,744 players logging in on Sunday evening. That number (and the 11k mark) was beaten again on Monday when 11,284 players were in EVE at the same time. To put those numbers into a little different perspective, that is an astounding 23% of the accounts online simultaneously! Although "concurrent users in a single online world" isn't a record that Guiness will recognize (yet!), it is a significant accomplishment in its own right and something that you all can take pride in.

Finally, we crested 50,000 active accounts on Saturday. The "little game that won't make it past Christmas ('03)" did just that and more! There have been some rocky stretches along the way, but EVE continues to expand and grow. Next stop, 75,000 active accounts. With Shiva just around the corner, perhaps that milestone is closer than it may appear.

I'd like to close this blog out with some thanks. On behalf of the staff of CCP Games, the support crew at Siminn and the ISD team, I would like to thank each and every player of EVE for their past, present and future support. EVE would not be where it is now without each and every one of you.