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Join the legends of EVE and etch your legacy

2023-04-05 - By EVE Online Team

Attention Capsuleers, 

This year sees the celebration of a momentous milestone - 20 incredible years of EVE Online! As a testament to your commitment and the legacy you have built together over the past two decades, we're expanding the EVE Monument, and now you have a unique opportunity to permanently carve your legacy into New Eden's history.  

The Worlds Within A World EVE Monument in Reykjavík, Iceland, is an awe-inspiring tribute to dedicated EVE pilots that was created as part of the celebrations around EVE’s 10th anniversary and is engraved with over half a million names for all to admire. Now, for the first time in 10 years, you have the rare opportunity to add your character’s name to the monument and forever join the legends of New Eden in being immortalized! 


To have your character’s name engraved on the monumental expansion, make sure to have an active Omega account on 6 May 2023 (in any time zone), and your character with the highest amount of Skill Points will forever stand alongside the legends of New Eden. If you're already among those immortalized on the monument, your loyalty for also being an Omega pilot on 6 May 2023 will be additionally honored with a prestigious titan chevron icon on the monument. Also for those already on the monument, you will be given the opportunity to choose which character to use for engraving in case there is a different character you have that has more Skill Points now than 10 years ago.

The expanded monument will be revealed at Fanfest 2023, with all tiles on the current monument renewed, along with an updated webpage that’ll allow you to zero in on the coordinates of the tile containing your legacy.


The fun doesn't end there, though, as May will be filled with celebrations. Join the Capsuleer Day event starting on 2 May filled with unexpected twists and turns and exclusive anniversary themed rewards that can only be claimed by logging in as they will be soulbound, the stunning reveal of The Fabric of New Eden Mosaic and join us for a jaw-dropping fireworks show at Jita 4-4 on 6 May.

Don't miss your chance to etch your legacy in history and celebrate 20 unforgettable years of EVE Online.