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Become one with the fabric of New Eden

2023-03-02 - By EVE Online team

Capsuleers, the time has come to start celebrating! 

As part of EVE Online’s 20th anniversary celebrations, we want to pay tribute to the EVE community and its capsuleers by composing an amazing mosaic! The characters you have created, the stories you have lived, and the communities you have built form the fabric of New Eden and the universe which players enjoy today. Starting now you all have the opportunity to add your character portrait to the mosaic, whether you are an Alpha or Omega capsuleer.

To immortalize your character on the mosaic, you will need to log into EVE Online and complete three daily challenges between 2 March and 22 March. These challenges will alternate between the Skilling Spree, Mining Blitz, and Skillers in the Abyss. The opportunity to add your avatar to this historic tapestry is not to be missed and will be a piece of cake for a capsuleer! Those of you that successfully complete the challenges and qualify for the mosaic will receive an email confirmation within a few days, but make sure you are subscribed to the email list to see it.

Inspired by the stellar works of Chribba and Razorien, the mosaic kicks off the 20th anniversary celebrations. With the mosaic due to be revealed in May, you will be able to find your character portrait on the mosaic online, as well seeing it in its full glory at EVE Fanfest 2023.

This is just the beginning, with many more special moments yet to come such as celebrating capsuleers’ impact on New Eden, Capsuleer Day in May, Fanfest 2023 - which promises to be the birthday bash of the century – and even more throughout the year.

See you in space, on the mosaic, and at Fanfest 2023! 

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