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Jovian Emissary Travels Through Outer Rim Alliances

2004-06-30 - By Svarthol

Yesterday evening Jovian Extra-Racial Liaison Misu Baniya made diplomatic visits to three of the alliances which have set up operations in non-CONCORD-policed space in the past months. Reportedly, the emissary has initiated communications with other alliance heads and intends to continue his diplomatic tour today and tomorrow.

Baniya, who yesterday met with diplomats from the 3rd Front Alliance, NORAD and the Phoenix Alliance, remained tight-lipped as to his itinerary, claiming that his mobility would be compromised were he to advertise his routes. He refused to comment on what had gone between him and alliance representatives last night, beyond simply stating that “the 3rd Front Alliance, NORAD and the Phoenix Alliance have been added to the Jovian Register of Sovereign Nation-States.”

Since the Jovian Directorate last Friday announced their intention to add the 0.0 alliances to the Register the diplomatic community has been up in arms, the general sentiment being that these fledgling states do not meet the necessary criteria to warrant their acceptance as sovereign nations in their own right.

“Most of them do nothing but wage war, both on each other and the pirate organizations which previously ruled their lawless back-water systems,” stated an anonymous Matari tribal councillor. “There is no culture, no society to speak of. What significance could these alliances possibly hold to warrant such attention from the Jovians?”

In response to these statements, the Jovian Directorate yesterday issued this release: “No matter one’s personal opinion of them, these alliances are present on the outer rim. They have displayed an ability to survive under the harsh conditions afforded them outside the confines of empire-policed space, and they have formed their own communities, some of which look ready to begin the transition into societies. Man’s embryonic commonwealths must be nurtured, not left ignored.”