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Just when we thought hell couldn't freeze much more over

2004-04-24 - By CCP Oveur

Today something fubbed in our raid disk arrays that caused them to start resynchronizing themselves. This is a heavy process and severely limits throughput.

The load however kept increasing drastically and when we reached 7000 users the throughput wasn't enough to handle the resynch along with the 7000. This caused the first crash.

We did some reboots that failed due to the massive load of players connecting at the same time, which is about the most intensive database process the player does, so we ended up starting with a limit, that we set to 1000, 3000 and 5000, now ending it at 6000. (Upd.: No limit @ 21:00)

We will slowly try to increase the number of players allowed but we will keep it limited until the raid array resynchronization process has finished. After that, we should hopefully return to the performance we witnessed last night ... and hopefully able to double that - soon.

We're pretty much prepared for the next ice-age down here in hell now, nothing short of an apocalypse would shake us up. We sincerely apologize for all this mess and appreciate your patience in this matter.