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Kaalakiota Unveils Black Rise Survey Program

2009-03-04 - By Svarthol

Nonni - Kaalakiota Corporation announced today a large-scale survey program in the Black Rise region. The initiative aims to discover valuable resources and colonization opportunities in Black Rise, and was made possible by the recent successes of Caldari militia in the region.                                                  

According to Niteloho Koirolen, Kaalakiota Corporation chief spokesperson, the program will be conducted by both the corporation's intelligence division and the Home Guard, the goal being the development of a comprehensive resource database of the Black Rise region. The program will survey the planets and moons across 49 systems in 6 constellations.                                           

"Today's announcement reinforces Kaalakiota's commitment to the development of the Black Rise region," said Koirolen. "Although the State had previously done an outstanding job in Black Rise, there is still a lot to discover. We are sure that our program will ultimately contribute to the welfare of the whole State."

 The Black Rise region borders established Caldari and Gallente space and was previously deemed impenetrable, despite many efforts to map it. However, Caldari forces gained access to the region and secretly colonized it, Although it is clear that t operations in Black Rise persisted for a longer time, experts claim that the region is still largely unexplored.

 Due to its strategic location, Black Rise was a place for large-scale hostilities between Caldari and Gallente militia forces since the outbreak of the war. According to Niteloho Koirolen, Kaalakiota's initiative is directly linked to the Caldari Navy's efforts. "I don't think that this would have been possible if not for the recent successes of the Caldari State Protectorate in Black Rise. I would like to extend my gratitude to all militia pilots who contributed to the security of the region, allowing us to embark on this journey of discovery."