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Kali Testing

2006-09-25 - By Mephysto

In the last few weeks, most of us in QA have been working on the early versions of the Kali client. We don’t have a public build for this yet, as many of the features are still being worked on. Also, Singularity is being used for the testing of the fixes that Sharkbait has blogged about recently. We don’t know for certain when Kali will be available on Singularity, but I'm hoping that it may (that’s 'may', not 'will') be available in the next 2 weeks.

So far we have the first version of the integration of the Vivox voice software and the Eve client. As expected, the UI has a fair number of issues at present, but in terms of actually talking to people I spent a good hour chatting with various vols from around the planet without hearing any crackle, distortion or significant problems. Of course, we'll need to do a lot more load testing on this.

Also showing up are the 8 new Cosmos complexes for 0.0 space, and their attendant 10/10 static complexes. In total, there is somewhere in the order of 80 encounters in these constellations. And then theres the Gas Clouds which provide the raw material for booster manufacturing. These should make for some very interesting wars as the alliances fight over these, as I believe they will be very important resources.

And of course, we have the one feature that seems to make everyone who sees it reach for a tissue as they weep for joy. The new seamless map is a beautiful thing to see. I can spend half an hour just playing with its various modes. For your viewing pleasure, these screenshots 1, 2, 3 are of the solar-system view on the new seamless map.

Of course, this is just a small preview of what’s coming in Kali. There is much more already undergoing testing, and even more content being created. Progress has slowed a little while we track down the persisting node issues that have been impacting TQ, but not stopped.

Talking of problems on TQ, there is something we are in need of more information on at present: Skills completing and then “rolling back” to a couple of hours prior to completion. If this is occurring to you we need any information you can provide in the form of bugreports. Please be as specific about what you had been doing for the couple of hours prior to completion (eg. travelling around the galaxy, sitting in a station, running missions, fighting a war etc). This will help narrow the search. Thanks!