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KIllah Bee Resigns from the CSM

2019-10-14 - By CCP Dopamine

Greetings, citizens,

I would like to inform you that Killah Bee decided to resign from the Council of Stellar Management due to personal reasons. CSM is a program where members dedicate their personal time to the on-going development of EVE Online and we completely understand that unexpected things happen in life. We respect Killah Bee’s decision to step down from the council and would like to thank him for his valuable input and all the feedback provided during his time on the CSM. He is eligible to run again in future elections if he desires to do so.

Because we are only partially through this CSM term we are going to be replacing Killah Bee with another candidate that was eliminated as last during the elections in June. After re-analyzing the voting data and reaching out to the individual in question we are pleased to welcome back Sort Dragon at the Council of Stellar Management!

Below you can find comments from both individuals:

Killah Bee: "In the past, I’ve always said that the CSM can only be effective if its members are some of the most active members of the community. I’ve had some great success in real life lately but with that success goes the time that I am able to devote into EVE and the CSM. This is why I have decided to resign my membership to the CSM effective immediately to make room for someone with more time on their hands. I want to thank CCP and all the other CSM members for a great time I’ve had and I’ll see you again soon."

Sort Dragon: “For the last few years I have served as the coalition leader for Dead Coalition (formerly Guardians of the Galaxy) and I'm arguably one of the most storied and known leaders in EVE. I was elected to CSM 8, 10 and 13. This will be my second time finishing out a CSM term, as I joined CSM 12 midway through the year to replace another candidate from NC., Vince Drakken, who also resigned.

This will be my fifth CSM, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with CCP and the rest of the CSM. I want to guarantee the fruitful future of the game and I hope my contributions can help keep the game moving forward in a positive way.

Next week I will be attending Eve Vegas. Whether you love me or hate me in-game, please come introduce yourself. I always like to listen to what people have to say at player meets and Iove getting to know the person behind the character.”

We look forward to working with Sort Dragon and the remaining CSM members and would like to thank Killah Bee for his contribution.

If you would like to discuss this change with other pilots, please visit the dedicated forum thread.