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Kor-Azor situation escalates on Liparer II

2007-03-16 - By Svarthol

The Kor-Azor region continues to be the site of unrest, exemplified this week by the situation on Liparer II.

The debacle began when Holder Keraci was overheard by visiting Kor-Azor courtiers as he told his wife that Aritcio Kor-Azor is ‘‘not fit to be Heir and belongs in a damn mental institution for his new regulations and sanctions.’’

When Aritcio heard word of what was being said on Liparer II he ordered that every Holder and his family on the planet would be stripped of his fine robes and dressed in rags of the lowest slave. A spokesperson for the Kor-Azor house commented ‘‘How dare they talk about their lord sovereign this way? Such manner of treasonous speech shall not be tolerated. As punishment for such heinous talk they will henceforth live like slaves until such a time as our Lord Kor-Azor considers that they have paid for their crimes. These holders should consider themselves beneficent that their lord has chosen to be so merciful.’’

The robes, sent to every Holder and his family, reek of unwashed slaves and have blood splatter and other unidentified substances on them. Aritcio was reported as stating ‘‘What do they expect? That I send clothes smelling fresh and ironed? I ordered my men to find the dirtiest slave and bludgeon their heads in and take their clothes. They shall wear those and nothing else.’’

The Holders refused the royal decree, resulting in Aritcio declaring the whole planet treasonous, ordering his military forces in and demanding all the holders' heads to be returned to him. The planet is currently under military blockade and there has been report of heavy fighting on the surface.

Reports have also been filtering in on sightings of a Speaker of Truths in the borderlands of Kor-Azor space. Aritcio's representatives have judged this as mere hearsay, for a Speaker has not been seen outside a monastery for centuries. Nevertheless, the representatives continue their investigation into the Speaker's appearance