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Lai Dai Development Facility Evacuated in Reactor Emergency

2009-11-23 - By Svarthol

Innia - Over 1,000 Lai Dai scientists and engineers were forced to abandon a deadspace starbase yesterday due to a reactor leak. The starbase crew took refuge in an industrial vessel until they were rescued by a Peace and Order Unit fleet on patrol in the system. Nearly 500 cases of radiation poisoning have been reported among the refugees.

The cause for the reactor leak has not been reported, but according to Lai Dai officials, the starbase passed all security checks.  The latest safety inspection was conducted one month ago. Together with the attack at the Black Rise Development Conference and the fire at one of Lai Dai's research bases, this incident marks the third major security failure suffered by the corporation in as many weeks. An anonymous source within the corporation estimates the value of the research and development lost in these accidents to be nearly 300 million ISK, and potentially tens of times that amount in predicted profits lost.

The Innia starbase is reported as being in a derelict state after having had its reactor core forcibly ejected by a Lai Dai recovery team today. Lai Dai officials have stated that it could take as long as three months to return the starbase's laboratory modules to working condition. Lai Dai has not revealed the nature of the research.