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Largest Hulkageddon To Date Concludes

2010-07-19 - By Svarthol

Brapelille, Sinq Liason - The Hulkageddon event, organized by Helicity Boson of the Jerk Cartel, recently returned for its third incarnation as "Hulkageddon III: Summer of Gank."

The event began on 09.07.112 at 00:00 and carried on for 9 days. Although set up in the same format as the previous two events, with prizes for various permutations of killing a large number of exhumers - chiefly Hulks and Mackinaws - this year the event was politicised by a prize contributed by elements of the Minmitar Militia for the most destroyed exhumers in Amarrian space.

Hulkageddon III attained approximately 1/4 more registered ship kills than the previous event, with a final kill count of 1719 Exhumers, 717 Barges, 29 Orcas and 1 Rorqual.

Many miners were vocal in their dislike of the proceedings, especially those who unwillingly became targets. "Took out my hulk... Hope you’re happy you steaming pile of space junk. Whether it takes a day, a month, or a year, I will get you back. I’m coming for you," was one such message sent from an attacked miner to a Hulkageddon team. Such messages are collected and displayed on the Hulkageddon site and referred to as "delicious tears."

The event was organised by pilot Helicity Boson while the prizes were donated by other pilots or corparations. Helicity answered public protests and claims of cowardice and unfairness, saying "This is New Eden. The only thing that is your right, is the right to fight for what you wish to keep. Be crafty, be smart, and Hulkageddon will be a boon to you. If you are foolish, careless and weak, it will devour you whole."

Some experienced miners have learned ways around the likelihood of being attacked while mining and express little concern about Hulkageddon. Miner Aayli offered the following advice to other miners: "Find a quiet system with a small amout of pilots mining, watch for spikes in local numbers and then as long as you pay attention there's no reason for silly loses." Others see it as a welcome removal of miners competing for the same belts and a few even down their mining lasers for a week and fit out destroyers in which to take part.

Hulkageddon III has been the largest Hulkageddon event to date, with the most participants, largest prizes and most accompanying destruction. It seems likely that such events will become more regular as long as insurance policies remain payable on vessels destroyed by CONCORD and schadenfreude exists.

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