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'Liberty' Pill Identified

2010-08-20 - By Svarthol

LUMINAIRE – Gallente Customs officials have solved part of the mystery surrounding the 'Liberty' pills seized last week in the Weraroix system. The nanobots each pill contained appear to have been designed to make their way to strategic parts of the body, including the lungs, where they instigate general hypoxia and eventually lead the subject to quietly expire from oxygen deprivation.

The Sisters Of Eve have since confirmed the 'Liberty' pill to be behind the mass suicide at Gererique. “We found a similar package containing some extra pills, and autopsies then revealed all the people died in the same manner. We are now relatively certain of the how, we just still don't understand the why,” said SSOE agent Lenz Kaaloaka.

Gallente Health and Safety officials have called for anyone with any knowledge of the pill or its manufacturers to come forward.