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Life in the Big Blue – A new economic power

2005-10-31 - By Svarthol

In a press release on the GalNet communications network on Saturday evening, a spokesperson for several of the most well known commercial entities in the EVE star cluster announced their amalgamation into ‘The Big Blue’ a new Concord sanctioned alliance.

Focusing primarily on industry and education, The Big Blue is the second large scale mercantile enterprise operated by capsuleers to take advantage of the benefits of forming a sanctioned alliance. When queried on this move in an interview, Busterd of N.A.G.A – a founding member corporation, stated that their joint venture was born out of “the necessity to adapt and grow beyond our very own borders and limitations” citing that The Big Blue was a necessary step in order to keep up to speed with technological change in industry.

Commerce and industry are not the only goals of The Big Blue, which will be the first capsuleer alliance to offer further education to newly graduated pod pilots. A service which has been provided for some time by one of The Big Blue’s founding members - EVE University. Busterd later went on to state that the alliance “will do everything necessary to support their efforts with supplies and expertise thus allowing EVE University to perform even better than they already do”.

In an additional statement submitted on Sunday evening, The Big Blue announced its support for the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate’s Marginis outpost project – pledging to supply the fledgling trading post in the southern fringe regions with tech level two vessels and equipment for sale. In an interview later that evening, Harokas – CEO of N.A.G.A stated that the accord was “the next logical step in business development” going on to mention that The Big Blue shared some visions with the ISS of what industry should be, and that he “wouldn't be surprised if [their] relations get closer in the future”.

When asked to share his views on this accord, Count TaSessine – Chairman of the ISS said “I was thrilled to hear about the new alliance. I believe it adds momentum to our vision of a true civilian population in 0.0 space. We already have a close partnership with Omega and NAGA, two of the founding corporations of [The Big] Blue. I expect our partnership to deepen in the future”.

The Count later went on to state that “They offer their entire portfolio for sale in our market. This will ensure the Marginis Outpost becomes a commercial success” Agreeing that The Big Blue’s presence at ISS Marginis would help encourage smaller merchants to trade there.

Like the ISS, The Big Blue has adopted a stance of neutrality, non-aggression and non-territoriality. As an additional condition of their continued trade initiative with the ISS Marginis project, Harokas has publicly stated that they would withdraw their presence should the Marginis outpost be forcibly taken over by another faction. Commenting on this move, Count TaSessine stated that the Big Blue shared their vision and that this was their way of supporting it, going on to say that “we cannot stand up to the territorial alliances militarily, but we can leverage our industrial power to maintain neutrality, as you say. We hope that their support, as well as the support of other major corporations, will make the territorial alliances think twice before they attempt to take over Marginis”. He later went on to add that he hopes “one or more of the northern alliances invite us to do the same for them, as we have done for the south. ISS is for all of Eve.”

In inquiring about the future direction of The Big Blue, Busterd stated that “all the production corps that made The Big Blue have a history of being at the forefront of the industry. I think it's safe to say this alliance will be nowhere else but at the forefront” with Harokas going on to say that The Big Blue would do all that was necessary to take their production capabilities to the next level.

The N.A.G.A CEO later added an invitation to “any neutral corporation that is deeply rooted in Tech2 production” to contact The Big Blue and share their vision.