Little Improvements and a Cake | EVE Online

Little Improvements and a Cake

2012-03-13 - By CCP Punkturis

Hi, I'm CCP Punkturis of Team Super Friends with yet another Little Things update. The changes listed below were all released with Crucible 1.5 on March, 13, 2012.

These changes are to follow up on the feedback from my last dev blog. I wanted to do more little things but I got sick for a whole sprint so this is all you get now. Sorry :) but I hope you like them!

Watch List Iteration

More dragging and dropping
Sometimes I have become soooo confused when a fleet commander asks me to add some random player to the Watch List because the people I play with speak with all kinds of random European accents (guilty) - also some of you people have really weird EVE names! So I wanted to make the process of adding pilots to the Watch List smoother.

For instance, if there is someone who is super awesome in my fleet and already has the scout in the Watch List, they can now drag the scout from there to the fleet chat. That action creates an info link to the pilot and now I can add him by dragging that info link to my Watch List. SIMPLE?

So to sum it up you can now:

  • Drag pilots from Watch List to chat to info link them
  • Drag info links to Watch List to add pilot
  • Drag pilots from member list in chat to Watch List to add them
  • Drag pilots from the fleet list to Watch List to add them

More right click options
Kunasagi Kasuga had an excellent idea of adding the character right click menu options to the Watch List and Fleet List entries. Since I had been working on those two lists I decided to make her dream come true.

Clear Watch List
Previously if you wanted to get rid of the Watch List, you either had to leave the fleet or right click on each and every one of the people there (note that you can now have up to 15 people in your watch list so this can be an annoying process). To speed this up we added a "Clear Watch List" option to the top left menu icon in the Watch List window \o/

Better looking bars
Some people were asking us to make the bars a bit more readable so we made them a little bit thicker so you should be able to see better now how your buddies are doing.

Blueprint Filters

Finding the correct blueprint in Science & Industry can be super annoying so we added a filter box there for both your personal blueprints and your corp blueprints. EFFECTIVE!

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Target Iteration

People all over the internet were asking for better information on shield, armor and structure status in the targets. I saw this on our own forums, on twitter, on reddit and probably some other places too! You guys often have really good ideas so I decided on removing the not-so-nice-looking SH/AR/ST texts and instead added a mouse hint telling you exactly how much % is left of each of the bars when you hover the mouse over them!

Corporation Application Windows

One sunny (or maybe snowy) afternoon I was in a room with all my co-workers and we saw this video and at 2:00 the pilot applies to join a corporation. The horror! I felt the window didn't look as nice as it should be. So I re-did all the windows related to applying to corporation:

  • Apply to corporation
  • View your application
  • View pilots applications to my corporation and accept or reject it

Now that I feel much better about it I just have to convince the trailer guys to redo the whole trailer ;)

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There are a few other windows that I will be making nicer over the next months so you will be seeing some more updates like this.

Chart Time

I promised somewhere that I would have a chart in my dev blog. To please the people I gave the promise to, here's a column chart displaying how many Little Things I implemented in sprint 1 when I was at the office and how many I implemented in sprint 2 when I was at home, sick. I also wanted to have this chart in my dev blog to show off my 1337 Paint skills.

Anyways, that's all I have now, ENJOY!