Luminaire Snowball Fight VI | EVE Online

Luminaire Snowball Fight VI

2019-12-12 - By CCP Convict

If you're looking for something to do in space this weekend you should definitely check out the annual Luminaire Snowball Fight starting at 21:00 EVE time on Sunday, 15 December and taking place in... Luminaire!

The festivities are organized by Commander A9 and previous events have seen hundreds of capsuleers joining to launch fireworks, snowballs and sharing presents to celebrate the holiday season. Go along to enjoy:

  • live music played by New Eden Radio
  • Festival Launchers, fireworks, and snowballs given out to anyone who needs them
  • Secret Santa gift exchange; bring a gift to get a gift
  • Lightshow creation contests with prizes given to the winners

Some ISD volunteers and CCP developers may also be turning up to join in the fun!

Check out the thread on the EVE forums for full details including how to take part in the gift exchange.

If you have any melted snowballs from previous years you can exchange them for fresh snowballs at any of the Yoiul Festival Snowball Exchange structures located in systems all over hisec. And of course you can pick up brand new snowballs every day you log in throughout the 13 Days of EVE event that's going on right now.

Screenshot by Charles Surge