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Malaetu Shakor endorsement of Ushra'Khan causes backlash inside, outside the Republic

2008-03-06 - By Svarthol

Pator - Malaetu Shakor brought the Republic Parliament day to a close with the words, "And may our brothers in Ushra'Khan prevail in the Alliance Tournament." While many of the representatives were busy packing up and did not hear his remarks, the live video feed captured it and it was subsequently replayed dozens of times on news broadcasts across the Republic and civilized space.

Almost immediately, the Amarr Empire lodged an official protest against Shakor's words with the office of the Prime Minister. Their protest read, in part, "Having a high ranking Republic official endorsing a terrorist entity like the Ushra'Khan is liable to cause incredible damage to the peaceful relations the Empire currently maintains with the Republic."

Similarly, several prominent Minmatar political analysts have questioned the judgment of Shakor in publicly making the statement. Said Kilter Hesh, a lead analyst at the Republic University, "For one, a government official should not display favoritism toward any one organization participating in the tournament. Secondly, by advocating a group that has, in the past, even called for the assassination of the Prime Minister, he is putting himself on treacherous political footing."

Shakor has stated he meant nothing by the remark. "Regardless of their politics or not, the Ushra'Khan are the only openly pro-Minmatar alliance participating in the tournament. Besides, I was directing my remark solely toward the Minmatar pilots in their alliance who may be participating. We should support our people whenever they do something of merit, regardless of our political differences."

Response on the street has been mixed, but most people seem to be unconcerned. "So he said he hopes a group of Minmatar win? What's so wrong with that? I'd be angry if he wished luck to a bunch of Amarrians or something, but not this," said Barba Keth, echoing the sentiments shared by most others.