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Militia Fleet Goes Out Fighting

2008-06-14 - By Svarthol

In the few days since the militias were formed many have joined fight to secure Amarrian space, and with this time these capsuleers have been working hard to become a cohesive combat unit. This can clearly be seen by our militia consistently securing more strategic positions per member than any of the opposing factions.

Yesterday Wraithstorm continued this effort to improve combat effectiveness by calling out for militia members to join him in forming a fleet “to get the pilots used to flying together”. He was quickly inundated with pilots who were eager to engage the enemy wherever they could be found, with the fleet swelling to over 70 ships. Once assembled they quickly heard about some 40 Minmatar militia ships near the Huola system, only a few jumps from their staging point, the fight was on.

Quickly, and efficiently, the fleet moved towards Huola to engage our enemies. Upon reaching the system initially the hostile fleet was not engaged, but after waiting on the Kourmonen gate for a short time it was discovered that the enemy was just on the other side. Our fleet valiantly jumped in to engage.

![Militia Fleet Valiantly Jumps in to Engage Minmatar Forces](// "Militia Fleet Valiantly Jumps in to Engage Minmatar Forces") [View Visual Record](//

Initially quick progress was made against the opposing fleet, successfully destroying many ships. However, half way through the battle the opposing militia managed to call upon additional forces, overwhelming our pilots until they had more than 2 to 1 advantage.

Sadly this resulted in a number of losses to our side, but despite this unfortunate turn of events Wraithstorm still considers the operation a success: “I am very happy with the outcome. People are closer, and getting to know each other, which will lead to much better Militia cohesion and overall effectiveness.” Arline Kley, a pilot who was present at the operation, was pleased with his involvement: “It was exhilerating to face a fleet that was more powerful than ours and still give them a bloody nose.”