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Minmatar Crime Lord Escapes Maximum Security Prison

2009-09-13 - By Svarthol

Hroduko - Three inmates escaped from a maximum security facility in Metropolis last night, following an attack by several unidentified craft on the space-bound prison. Violent riots erupted as several security systems failed, and parts of the facility remained unregulated for hours before security could be restored.

One of the escaped inmates is  Baliggan Krullefor former head of the Krullefor family, a notorious Thukker criminal organization. The Republic Justice Department stated that the identity of the other two inmates is still unknown at this time, and that they are also of Thukker origin. The small force that attacked the facility was not identified.

According to a statement from the Republic Justice Department, the prisoners escaped during a routine transfer between two areas of the facility. A number of small vessels were able to bypass the local security systems and attack the transfer shuttle. Coinciding with the attack, riots erupted throughout the facility, causing the death of 11 guards and as many as 32 prisoners.

 "The past months have seen a great increase in arrests made," says Justice Department representative Achimand Skulada, "Unfortunately, the prison system is not able to keep pace, and that's when we see events like this."

Skulada went on to ask the public to report any sightings, but to avoid engaging the escapees. "Krullefor will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way."

Baliggan Krullefor was 19 years into a life sentence. He was found to be guilty of a number of offenses, including several counts of murder, piracy, racketeering, and grand theft. At the height of its power, the Krullefor Family was the largest unified smuggling enterprise between the Great Wildlands and Metropolis. The family's leadership was dismantled two decades ago, but the organization is believed to be active on multiple fronts.