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Minmatar Militia Deploys Supercarriers in Battle

2011-01-07 - By Svarthol

Auga, Heimatar - Minmatar and Amarr capsuleer miltia forces clashed in Auga on the 29th of last month, with two Nyx supercarriers being deployed in the low security border system by the Matari.

Amarrian forces rallied a capital fleet of four Archon-class carriers to take on the opposing Minmatar forces and dispatched it to Auga where they focused their attention on the Minmatar support fleet.

According to Saaya Illirie, member of the Amarrian fleet, "Amarrian carriers went into triage, and the Amarrian commander called for the fleet to hold the field and engage all Minmatar." Once the support fleet had been substantially diminished, the Amarr capitals engaged with the Tribal Liberation Force's capital vessels - two Nyx supercarriers, an Archon and a Thanatos.

The Minmatar forces attempted to withdraw their capital ships, but the Thanatos was tackled and destroyed by Amarr forces while the TLF-affiliated Archon self-destructed. The two Nyx supercarriers were, however, able to escape.

Saaya Illirie, member of the Amarrian forces, had few words on the matter, said "We prayed for God to be with us, and he answered our prayers. Amarr Victor!" No comment has been received from representatives of the Minmatar militia fleet as yet.

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