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Minor Skirmish on the Khanid Border

2004-04-02 - By Svarthol

Concord conflict-nets, the monitoring networks tasked with assigning security hits to perpetrators of interstellar violence, recorded a small but curious skirmish on the border between the Khanid and Amarr empires. The skirmish is notable not for its size, but for the circumstances of the engagement and the vessels involved.

At approximately 18:23 Eve Standard time, a small task-force of Brutor Tribe Stabber cruisers and Breacher frigates crossed into the Amarr Empire, evading military checkpoints and bee-lining for the Khanid territories. At the same time, a convoy of Amarr vessels escorting a sole Caldari executive shuttle departed from the Agil system, raising quite a few eyebrows as it did – mainly due to the fact that this convoy was composed of two Silver Magnate frigates, and the only Gold Magnate in existence – a priceless vessel by any definition. The identity of the mysterious Caldari shuttle’s occupant is unknown, but this much is certain – the unique Gold Magnate was not piloted by Ecliptical, victor of the Amarr Championship and its prior owner. The only identifying moniker that registered on the conflict-nets (as a result of landing the majority of killing blows) was “Tyrrax Thorrk”.

The two groups of vessels collided at 19:17 EST – with shouts of “warmonger!” and “murderer!” over the public channel, the Minmatar force opened fire upon the Amarr, at first targeting the shuttle which took evasive manoeuvres, but soon redirecting their missiles and cannon against the three gleaming pinnacles of Amarr fighting technology – in moments, the Minmatar battle-group was annihilated by the utterly superior piloting skills of the Magnate captains.

Local chat-nets are abuzz with speculation: Who were these wealthy frigate captains – were they the notorious Khanid system-holders whose riches are matched only by their cunning, and who own entire world-factories staffed by millions of slaves? Who was the alleged “war criminal” aboard the Caldari shuttle emerging from Khanid space, and why did he warrant such a resplendent and powerful escort? Only time may tell, as the last sighting of the Amarr convoy had it heading into the borders of the Caldari State.