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Mobile Observatories – Live on Singularity

2021-05-17 - By EVE Online Team

Observant Capsuleers,

The brand-new Mobile Observatory is now available for testing on the Singularity test server. This deployable will bring a new tool into the mix for defence against cloaking-based incursions into lowsec and nullsec regions. They will work by periodically pinging system wide, with a chance to decloak cloaked ships which may then be combat scanned and destroyed. To prevent this from having a major effect on active players, a new buff will be applied upon recent activation of your cloak which will offer resistance against the Mobile Observatory.

You can test this new deployable right now on the public test server, Singularity. Connecting to Singularity is as easy as clicking on the server option in the bottom right of the EVE launcher and switching from Tranquility to Singularity. You can then undock and test the functionality of the Mobile Observatory versus cloaked targets.

More information about Singularity can be found in the help article and you can provide valuable feedback in the test server feedback forums.