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More Skin Color Options

2012-05-16 - By CCP karkur

In the upcoming EVE release, Inferno, we will be making changes to characters' skin color.

Don't worry, now is not the time to panic... you will not suddenly change color overnight (or downtime), but we'll get to that later in this blog.

The new character creation introduced last year in Incursion is a very robust system, and we still haven't explored the full potential of it. In Inferno, we are unlocking the ability to set your skin color to a wider gamut of options than previously available. This will allow you to have dark skinned Caldari Deteis, white skinned Minmatar Brutors, olive skinned Amarrs, and basically allow for more diversity within each bloodline. We're doing this because we want to provide more options for each race and bloodline, and mostly, because you asked us to do it!

We are adding 14 new skin colors, and they will replace the old skin colors in the color wheel in the character creator and the resculpting mode of the re-customization. All the bloodlines share the same color options, except the bloodlines with the fairest skin, but they will not have the two darkest options available. That restriction was added because we didn't feel the darkest colors looked quite right on those bloodlines. Don't worry though; there are still dark colors available for them.

The 14 different colors are not just a gradient between white and black. Our artists tweaked each color to represent some of the different hues you would find throughout the continents of our world. Each bloodline has a default skin color, but after a new character has been spawned in the character creator, you are free to choose any color for your character's skin.

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In order to allow all players, new or old, to take advantage of this skin color change, we are going to give you all something we call a "free resculpt". A resculpt of your character is a special re-customization mode you can go into, where you can not only change your character’s clothes, hair, and pose, but are also able to change attributes that otherwise can only be defined when creating a new character. This includes the bone structure of the face, body weight, and skin complexion.

We have given these resculpts a few times before, and some of you are probably clever like me and have been saving it for a rainy day. Well, in case you didn't know, these resculpts don't stack, so after Inferno's deployment everyone will have one, and only one, resculpt left.

So what happens to your existing characters? Nothing, unless you want to change them. I hate when I go to sleep and wake up only to find that I've changed colors overnight, and we figured that you might feel the same way. Therefore, you will not all change colors during the Inferno downtime and will not be forced into using one of the new skin colors. If you want to keep your current skin color, just leave the skin color wheel be when you re-customize. If you do pick a new skin color and then finalize the character, you will be using the new skin colors from that point.

You are of course free to try out the new colors and see how they look on you and then back out of the changes by either exiting the re-customization without saving or by using the history slider at the bottom of the screen to go back.

With this skin color change, we are also lifting hair-color restrictions, allowing you a greater selection, regardless of your bloodline.

We hope that you enjoy this small addition to the character creator and that you have fun resculpting and tweaking your character to look just right.

  • CCP Karkur and CCP t0rfifrans

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