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More Stuff Happening in Revelations 2.2 and 3.0

2007-08-11 - By CCP Chronotis

New Features For Old Issues - future fix for large scale mineral compression slated for kali 3.0 now

Based on feedback and requests from resource hauling players, we introduced the Rorqual ORE capital ship in my previous blog. This ship's unique ore compression ability allows the movement of ores from fringe regions to empire space for refining, a feature requested since EVE's launch. The Rorqual's introduction grants us the ability to incorporate older ‘metafeatures’ into EVE in a balanced and officially supported manner.

Currently, there are a number of items whose total volume of required ingredients are many times that of the resulting product. This leads to imbalanced compression rates as high as 430:1, such as the 1,000m3 Jump Portal Generator, a module requiring 430,000m3 of minerals to make. Upon completion, these modules would be transported to a new location and reprocessed with nearly zero waste, thus allowing the transport of a Freighter load of minerals with an Industrial.

While this imbalance has been around for a long time, it wasn't until the introduction of high resource capital modules that we began to see its use increase. In kali 3.0, we aim to introduce a wider range of fixes to not only resolve the issue which has lead to an increase in use of modules such as the jump portal generator or tractor beam but also provide more suitable alternatives, for example, addressing some of the reasons why low end ores such as veldspar for example are not mined in null/low-sec and make changes to different aspects such as loot, low-end ore mining with skiffs and mackinaws.

These changes slated for kali 3.0 will cause many null-sec dwellers to have to alter their current operations where they have established such around use of mineral compression and you rightly need as much time as possible to adapt.

As ever, your feedback is always valued and in the near future, I will post again about these issues with a clearer roadmap of when and how changes will be made.

Science and Invention Skill Seeding

Science and Invention skills, excluding Encryption Methods, will be seeded on the market. Some of these skills have a disproportionally high demand (such as the Graviton Physics skill required by the Interdiction Sphere Launcher), preventing smaller corporations or alliances the opportunity to become involved in this section of the market. Seeding a greater supply will allow more players to get into invention and advanced manufacturing or research. The base price will be 10 million ISK.

New Advanced Mobile Laboratory

An upgraded version of the Mobile Laboratory will be available offering 3 copy (0.65 time modifier), 2 ME (0.75 modifier), and 2 Invention slots (0.5 time modifier). Operation will require 20% more power and CPU from your starbase. Base cost of the Advanced Lab will be 150 million ISK.