Naughty or Nice in New Eden Starts Tomorrow! | EVE Online

Naughty or Nice in New Eden Starts Tomorrow!

2019-12-11 - By CCP Dopamine

Festive Capsuleers,

Tomorrow after daily downtime, the season of celebration will arrive in New Eden! With it comes Naughty or Nice and all the events therein!

13 days of EVE

The popular 13 Days of EVE event returns for the holiday season, with free daily login rewards between 12 December 2019 and 7 January 2020. All pilots, regardless of their license status, get rewards but upgrading to Omega gets you better gifts plus all the Alpha rewards too! The improved rewards include exclusive Facial Augmentations, more snowballs, more Skill Points, more Boosters, more Abyssal Deadspace Filaments, guessed it...even more surpises!

Chilling Spree

Back by popular demand but with a slight…holiday twist - you will once again be able to receive a great number of Skill Points (and mysterious travel rewards) for completing daily NPC and Capsuleer-hunting challenges in the festively-named Chilling Spree event. Be aware though, you're going to need those snowballs from the 13 Days of EVE to complete the missions in Chilling Spree, so make sure you log in daily and stock up.

Melted snowballs

Do you have melted snowballs from past events? You’re in luck! Head over to the Yoiul Festival Snowball Exchange located in numerous places in Hi-Sec and use the Meltwater-Snowball Exchanger to trade in those melted snowballs in exchange for brand new ones to use in Chilling Spree!

A Mysterious Travel Filament

Surprise gifts and visits are synonymous with this time of year, so keep an eye on your daily login gifts during the 13 Days of EVE, as you never know what you might get and where it might take you and your fellow pilots in Null-Sec! The RDLF-09 Filament is……especially exciting. These filaments are available exclusively during the holiday event, so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to surprise your fellow capsuleers.

Happy holidays!