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New Angelic Domination Pack

2023-03-23 - By EVE ONLINE TEAM

Ruthless capsuleers,

EVE essentials such as PLEX and Skill Points help you achieve and exceed your ambitions throughout New Eden. SKINs and apparel can bring a touch of style and individuality as you spread your influence across the star cluster. Coming to you from deep within the Curse region, the Angelic Domination Pack is inspired by the Angel Cartel, and is now available in the EVE Store.

The new pack provides criminally ambitious pilots with 350 PLEX, 275,000 Skill Points, a Specialist 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, and a bounty of SKINs and apparel direct from EVE’s most influential lawbreaking faction.

Warp to the EVE Store

The SKINs and apparel in the Angelic Domination Pack are perfect for demanding respect and fear from your rivals. Meanwhile, 275,000 Skill Points will allow you to instantly fly any of the Cartel ships.

Included are:

  • Dramiel, Cynabal, and Machariel Angel's Hex SKINs

  • Dramiel Sariel's Flames SKIN

  • Cynabal Serene Tu SKIN

  • Cynabal Copper Lightning SKIN

  • Machariel Serpentis SKIN

  • Women's 'Gunner' Jacket (Angel Cartel)

  • Men's 'Marshal' Jacket (Angel Cartel)