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New Blazing Phoenix and Ascendant Phoenix Packs

2020-10-17 - By EVE Online

Ascendant Capsuleers,

The new Ascendant and Blazing Phoenix Packs are now available to purchase, marking the beginning of EVE Online's Phoenix Quadrant! Act fast, though, as both packs are only available until 11:00 UTC on 1 December 2020!

Blazing Phoenix Pack

The Blazing Phoenix Pack is perfect for experienced Capsuleers, offering the Capital Ships Skill Book to start you on your way to flying EVE's largest ships, as well as Skill Books for using Fighters. There are also four superb Supercarrier SKINs, excellent for customizing those newly-updated behemoths, and a set of Triglavian Survivor Suits to allow for stylish customization of your character.

The full contents of the pack are as follows:

  • Capital Ships Skill Book:
  • Fighters Skill Book
  • Light Fighters Skill Book
  • Heavy Fighters Skill Book
  • Khanid SKIN (Aeon)
  • Ruby Sungrazer SKIN (Nyx)
  • Zento Isideko Combine SKIN (Wyvern)
  • Snowline Bladeracer SKIN (Hel)
  • Men's Triglavian Survival Suit (Perun)
  • Women's Triglavian Survival Suit (Perun)

Ascendant Phoenix Pack

For newer Capsuleers, the Ascendant Phoenix Pack puts you in the fast lane for realizing your potential with 7 days of Omega, giving you access to EVE's best ships and skills. You'll also have 100 PLEX to sell in-game for millions of ISK, which you can use to buy ships and modules. The pack also contains 250,000 Skill Points to help you boost your skill training towards piloting better craft, wielding better weapons more effectively and more. In addition, you'll get the Sunesis Destroyer plus the Ironblood ship SKIN for it, and a set of Sisters of EVE Jackets for your character.

The full contents of the pack are as follows:

  • 7 days Omega
  • 100 PLEX
  • Sunesis
  • Ironblood SKIN (Sunesis)
  • 250,000 Skill Points
  • Men's 'Marshal' Jacket (Sisters of EVE)
  • Women's 'Gunner' Jacket (Sisters of EVE)

The Blazing Phoenix and Ascendant Phoenix Packs can only be purchased once per account.