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New Caldari corporation will offer relaxation services

2006-07-07 - By Svarthol

ESSENCE - The newly formed Caldari Pleasures Corporation began acquiring goods, services and personnel from the Oursulaert system last week. The corporation’s founders recently announced their intention of setting up an entertainment and relaxation centre in the Sivala System of the Citadel region. Viga Monten and Grenall Vek started the company with the idea that Caldari business travellers need a place to relax and unwind that will rival even the most luxurious of the Gallente pleasure hubs.

Grenall Vek described their plan to offer “new and exciting, never before seen entertainment!” to the local Oursulaert pilots, who seemed glad to aid the new corporation in its endeavour. He made several deals and purchased pleasure hub essentials such as Spiced Wine, Quafe Ultra, Holoreels and of course “Exotic Dancers of the highest quality.” Vek was also surprised by the donation of a Marine security detachment and janitorial personnel from pilot Doh Tajori, who seemed eager for a free pass to a not yet announced grand opening party.

Although details about the new corporation’s finances and any possible partners were not available, both Vek and Monten were very confident that they would be able to fill a niche market that has been lacking for the business-weary Caldari that frequent the Essence and Citadel regions.

All inquiries to the Caldari government about permits for such a station in the Caldari Border Zone went unanswered. A low level official who requested anonymity remarked, “This is another case of the Gallente way of life poisoning the good Caldari people.”