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New Chronicle: Beasts of the Field

2008-11-12 - By Svarthol

The play's the thing, or rather: a Starkmanir, a Nefantar and a Thukker walk into a bar. All joking aside, three formerly lost Minmatar tribes have returned to the fold while war wages in New Eden. As refugees, the tribesmen spend their time in a myriad of stations waiting to be reintegrated into the republic. "Beasts of the Field," Abraxas' newest Chronicle in play form, takes us to some unnamed bar in some unnamed Minmatar mining colony, where we listen in to three refugees as they discuss their past and their futures.

This is a new EVE Chronicle. They are short-stories written by CCP Abraxas, published every other Monday, and intended to examine the various aspects of life in New Eden. The entire list is contained here.

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