New Features, Config Changes and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

New Features, Config Changes and Bug Fixes

2003-07-24 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

New Features / Configuration Changes and Bug Fixes

In Space

  • Possible autopilot fix for "hung at stargate" bug.
  • You can no longer jettison capsules directly into space. This fixes the 'destroy capsule = claim bounties on character who jettisoned it' exploit.
  • Autopilot route information now clears properly when final destination reached.
  • Autopilot now stops at each waypoint if set to do so.
  • There is now a context menu for mines and when you target them, you get damage level brackets for them instead of the picture target bracket.
  • Splash damage (from things like missiles) to fellow gang members is now ignored by the aggression/penalty system.
  • You can now see ownership information in the "Show Info" windows of cargo containers and sentry guns.
  • Players with negative security ratings can now enter empire space, the sec rating decides at what system security level the local forces attack.

Modules / Ammo

  • Fixed the module fitting bug where if you were quick, you could fit more than one module into the same slot.
  • Fixed the ammo reloading bug where sometimes when reloading specific amounts of ammo into a weapon would give errors about not enough space remaining when there was enough space.
  • Billboards should now show news and bounty information.


  • Bookmarks from old missions are now cleared up after a mission is terminated to avoid confusion.
  • A bug in regards to pirates that relate to a mission stayed in space indefinetly after a mission had timed out was fixed.

Other Changes

  • Reworked NPC loot dropping so that it doesn't block the cleanup after the destroyed NPC. This was causing problems when people cleaned out a squad of police.
  • Advancements in Planck Bubble Generation Technologies have allowed for the creation of containers that have higher capacity than volume. All containers can now contain 20% more than the space they occupy.
  • Planck Bubble Generation has the added restriction of not being able to place a Planck Bubble generator within another Planck Bubble, as that would cause an indeterminate graviton harmonics chain reaction, with an expected breakdown of causality.
  • The green/red bar in the buddies list to indicate the online status of a player, is back.
  • Character Creation templates have been added to make character creation easier. The old method (now called "Custom Method") is still available, too.