New GalNet StreamCast SKINs arrive on CCP TV | EVE Online

New GalNet StreamCast SKINs arrive on CCP TV

2023-03-30 - By EVE Online Team

Hello spacefriends,

As you may know, viewers of CCP's Twitch channel are able to use their accumulated channel points to claim the gorgeous GalNet StreamCast SKINs across 12 different hulls. The current batch has been in circulation for some time now and we're pleased to announce the release of 10 fresh new SKINs in the GalNet StreamCast line for CCP Twitch enjoyers.

The 10 new SKINs are available for the following hulls:


It's easy! Just keep an eye on our Twitch schedule, livestream event postings on the official Discord, and occasional in-game notifications for certain streams. Then tune in to CCP TV whenever we're live and you'll begin earning channel points just for watching.

Make sure you've registered your in-game name with the Eve2Twitch bot that lurks in our channel. Just type !ign followed by your character name in chat:

Please be aware that the bot can experience difficulty trying to deliver SKINs to names with non-alphanumeric characters in them, so if your main character's name includes things like apostrophes (') or hyphens (-) you should register using the name of an alt. In the event that the bot is unable to successfully complete the delivery of a SKIN, the request will be declined and your channel points refunded.

Once you've accumulated 10,000 channel points you can claim a code for a random GalNet StreamCast SKIN:

Within a few minutes you will receive an in-game evemail to the character you registered on the Eve2Twitch bot containing your code and instructions on how to activate it:

And that's it!

GalNet StreamCast SKINs don't auto inject so you can freely trade them between characters and if you end up with duplicates you can give them away to friends or sell them on the in-game market.

The previous batch of GalNet StreamCast SKINs are being temporarily removed from the bot's database, so that means the next SKIN you claim is guaranteed to be one of the new ones! After a period of time codes for older SKINs will be readded - albeit at a lower ratio - so that new viewers will still have a chance to obtain them.

Your first opportunity to get the new SKINs will be this Friday from 15:00 UTC when we bring you our weekly LIVE2FEED developer roam, so make sure to tune in!