New Platinum Starter Pack Available | EVE Online

New Platinum Starter Pack Available

2021-12-07 - By EVE Online Team

Ambitious Capsuleers,

The new Platinum Pack is available now! The pack provides 90 days of Omega time, 1,500 PLEX, the new Orca Radioactive Reclamation SKIN, an Expert Cerebral Accelerator, and an invigorating 650,000 bonus Skill Points bundled in one energizing package, accelerating you toward a future of your own making!

The new Radioactive Reclamation SKIN series is also now in the New Eden Store. It’s available for each and every one of EVE’s prosperous mining ships, individually or in bundles for mining barges and exhumers – alongside matching character apparel.

The contents of the New Eden Store will also be rotated on 9 December. As certain SKINs and apparel leave the store, others will be introduced to replace them. Make sure you pick up any items you’ve had an eye on, and check out the store on the 9th for all the latest additions!