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New Player Training Sessions: Exploration

2013-11-22 - By CCP Eterne

Greetings rookie capsuleers and welcome to EVE Online! I am CCP Eterne and I head up a program called the New Player Training Sessions. As the name implies, these sessions help new players learn about the basics of EVE Online, ask questions directly to CCP employees, and generally help ease your way into a very deep and engaging game.

Our first set of sessions, on PVP, was held from mid-October to the week before Rubicon's release and culminated in a large PVP roam attended by roughly 200 players! The participants (including us, the organizers!) learned a lot from the entire set of sessions and now we're ready to kick off our second track. With the release of Rubicon and the addition of ghost sites, we've decided to focus this track on Exploration.

As before, the sessions will start off fairly broad to help new players learn about the more general aspects of EVE, such as how to fit ships and get from point A to point B without difficulty. But past that, we aim at to teach players about using scan probes, finding exploration sites, showing them how to manage escalations, and even get into the dangerous unknown of wormholes! And once again, we'll cap it off with a CCP-led fleet.

This time, we will be holding sessions on the weekends in addition to during the week. This will allow us to provide the sessions to more players, not only those who are based in Europe. The full schedule can be seen below.


Modules - Nov 27 at 17:00 UTC

Fitting Your Ship - Nov 30 at 17:00 UTC

Making ISK - Dec 4 at 17:00 UTC

Piloting Your Ship - Dec 7 at 17:00 UTC

How to Scan - Dec 11 at 17:00 UTC

Data, Relic, & Ghost Sites - Dec 14 at 17:00 UTC

Ore, Gas, Ice - Dec 18 at 17:00 UTC

Combat Sites & Escalations - Dec 21 at 17:00 UTC

Wormholes - Dec 23 at 17:00 UTC

Exploration Fleet - Dec 27 at 17:00 UTC

How to Join

The New Player Training Sessions can be attended by joining the channel "New Player Training Sessions" in game. The channel exists 24/7 and is open for questions when a seminar is not being held. The previous set of sessions can be found on the EVElopedia and a full list can be found in this thread.

We hope all our new players will be able to attend and learn all about EVE Online!

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