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New Region Names Announced.

2007-12-18 - By Svarthol

Yulai - At a CONCORD press conference held earlier today, the official nomenclature of the recently opened regions - commonly called "the drone regions" by the general capsuleer populace - was announced. Speculation had been rife regarding the delays in announcing the names following the landmark decision by CONCORD to solicit the capsuleer community in the naming process.

Commander Nakuyama, the official in charge of the naming committee, used the conference as an opportunity to apologize for the delay. "As you know, CONCORD has stringent regulations regarding the demarcation and labeling of geographical space. All proposed names must be checked against our sanctioned database for suitability and uniqueness. In this case, the procedures took considerably longer than originally anticipated, as a few last minute changes were necessary to meet the requirements."

The commander went on to admit that CONCORD has been both surprised and impressed by the professional conduct of the capsuleers now resident in the region. "We look forward to instituting new programs with capsuleers," he commented in relation to CONCORD's often-criticized relationship with capsuleers, whose influence has been growing greatly as its population expands.

The press conference ended with the announcement of the new region names, which are as follows:

H3J8-U – Cobalt Edge
6HL8-L - Outer Passage
VU-WU2 – The Spire
7-KXBJ - Etherium Reach
87-1CW - Kalevala Expanse
LQ-OQN - Malpais
S-I6VU - Perrigen Falls
G5KW-3 - Oasa