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New toys and new mass test on Singularity

2011-09-30 - By Svarthol

The Singularity Server has been updated with a new patch featuring many new toys described in . Update your Singularity client now and try out the Amarr, Caldari, and Gallente Captain´s Quarters, Time Dilation during the mass test, ship spinning, the new font, and the new localization system. You can read this thread or more information on what is happening on Singularity.

The mass test will take place on Saturday, October 1 at 17:00 UTC. The focus of this test will be on Time Dilation. The SisiLauncher tool is available for the Windows Client; for Mac users, please see this tutorial.

We would need 500 players to participate and more are welcome. Testing should last between 45 and 60 minutes. All participants will receive two million skillpoints on Singularity.

See this thread for more information about how you participate in the test, and this EVElopedia article for more information on mass testing.