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Next Unified Inventory Update

2012-06-04 - By CCP Soundwave

Hello Spacefriends!

We’ve been hogging a lot of releases for the Unified Inventory recently and at some point we’ll need to go back to our regular release calendar. The last of our rapid response releases will be done this week (7 releases in less than 2 weeks so far), focusing on dealing with the biggest issue right now: Performance. Those improvements are going out Thursday, June 7, and should hopefully smoothen the experience considerably.

Following that, our next update will come with a main release on June 19, which should see a lot more of your feedback incorporated - thank you for all this great feedback! We're working on getting the biggest issues we see in the feedback threads resolved, so look forward to that release!

Generally, doing frequent updates isn’t really healthy and can’t be maintained for longer periods of time, which means we are going to move back towards less frequent releases, with the tradeoff being that they are going to be bigger.

To sum it up: Our next update will be deployed on the 7th, followed up a more comprehensive update on the 19th.

Thank you for your patience,