Nine glorious years of EVE Online on May 6th | EVE Online

Nine glorious years of EVE Online on May 6th

2012-04-30 - By CCP Manifest

Greetings Pilots!

SciFiMagically, each year brings more pilots living, warring, trading and socializing in the EVE universe than the year before. “SciFiMagically” because, well, that’s not really happening in other MMOs.

And later this year we’re adding some dudes on those planets around you—dudes that you will be able to shoot at. It’s like the biggest universe in gaming is going to get bigger without actually expanding? SciFiMagic.

Each year also adds more layers of depth, richness and nuance to the EVE experience. Not quite like a fine wine. Not like stanky aged cheese. And definitely not like “preserved” hakarl.

More like this:

EVE Online: Crucible brought us back into the Important Internet Spaceship Business, and IISBusiness is good. Watching those well-designed tools of destruction move betwixt such a sexy nebulae backdrop feels quite nice, doesn’t it my spacebros?

This lush, limitless environment full of epic battles, clever tactics, camaraderie, and antagony is built upon three basic, humble pillars.

  • Death must have meaning.
  • Everyone plays in the same shardless universe
  • Sandbox design fosters human interaction that creates emergence that fuels a limitless storytelling engine

And that’s basically the formula to get EVE to this point.

Yet the structure misses a single crucial material. It lacks the catalyzer that CCP, the Mostly-Benevolent Space Gods, could not design in all of our omniscient, omnipotent omniVikingery.

A terrifying, powerful ingredient thrown into the mix nearly nine years ago to the day…

...The pilots themselves

We don’t want to get too into the philosophy of games and social organizations and all those academic shenanigans, so let’s just pause to remember that you, through the individual and collective forces of your imagination and will, have made your own EVE experience.

In doing so over time, you have made EVE.


mind. blown.

And that’s a gorgeous thing. More gorgeous than shader model 3, tessellations and upcoming missile effects*


That’s why, not far behind the most awesome Fanfest ever and in preparation for one helluva expansion in Inferno (I know, how punny!), we’re expanding that same level of player choice over the gifts we’re handing out to thank You, Our Pilots. OurEVE.

In much the same way as the 2011 Holiday Gift, we’ll be giving you a choice beginning May 4th, a couple days ahead of the May 6th 9-year-birthday of EVE Online.

Here’s all the options. In their own special way, they each celebrate changes that just came in the Escalation to Inferno patch.

  • Fire All Lasers (with Dignity) - Omen and Maller (Cruisers) + Medium Energy Turret and Amarr Cruisers (Skill Books)
  • Duty, Honor, State (and Missiles) - Caracal and Moa (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Hybrid Turret, Heavy Missiles, Caldari Cruiser (Skill Books)
  • Deadly Elegance (Drones Extra) - Vexor and Thorax (Cruisers) + Medium Hybrid Turret and Gallente Cruisers (Skill Books)
  • Heavy Iron (Rusted) - Stabber and Rupture (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Projectile Turret, Heavy Missiles, Minmatar Cruiser (Skill Books)
  • Plug and Play - Full set of +2 Attribute Implants (Limited Ocular Filter Beta, Limited Neural Boost Beta...etc...)
  • Refine Your Skills - Memory Augmentation Standard and Cybernetic Subprocessor Standard (Implants) + Scrapmetal, Ice and all other ore Processing (Skillbooks)
  • Drill Bits - 10x each ore mining crystal I's (10x Arkonor Mining Crystal I, 10x Bistot Mining Crystal I...etc...10 x Veldspar Mining Crystal I)
  • A Paxist Treasure - Pax Ammaria - Collector's Item

The offer will go live on May 4th and be live until June 4th, 23:59:59 UTC. In order to redeem them you should go here. Your choice will then be put into the redeeming system, which you can use to redeem the gift to the character of your choice.

As always, any exploits or gaming of the redemption system during this time will result in all exploited items being removed from accounts and those accounts being considered for bans. It's free stuff. Act nice :) **Eligible pilots who do not select a gift during this time will receive the "Plug and Play" set by default at the end of the offer timeframe. **

Thanks again, and fly safe o7!

The EVE Online Dev Team

PS. Did you know that “tin” is the traditional tenth anniversary gift material? (I know, how punny!)

While I doubt we’ll be making new ships out of it (ok, the Minmatar maybe), I can guarantee that EVE’s Tenth year will be even more amazing than this past year.  Like any good capsuleer corporation, we’ve got some plans and machinations in motion behind the scenes…

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