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Noir. Mercenary Group Merges With Gemeinschaft Interstellarer Soeldner

2010-03-15 - By Svarthol

Mesybier, Essence - Noir. Mercenary Group [NMG.] and their "largest competitor" Gemeinschaft Interstellarer Soeldner corporation [G.I.S] have merged to become, in the words of Alekseyev Karrde, alliance head of NMG., the "largest mercenary  alliance in New Eden." Privateer Alliance, Karrde stated "may technically have more members", yet, he claimed "lack the coordination between member corps, damage potential and contract history of NMG."

According to Karrde, the command structure within NMG. has remained essentially the same but "expanded to include our new partners." G.I.S directors have been given access to all leadership level information within the alliance but, Alekseyev said, "The buck still stops with me."

Despite the increase in size, Noir Mercenary Group plan to continue to focus on null-sec contracts but, Alekseyev explained, will also consider large-scale empire wars and wormhole work, which they deem "very enjoyable." "We also get called on for a lot of control tower ‘takedowns' and increasingly, control tower ‘saves,'" stated Karrde.

NMG. has seen recent action in the conflict between Against ALL Authorities and Curatores Veritatis Alliance in the War for Providence. NMG. also credited itself with saving a "significant portion of SI Radio Corporation's class 6 wormhole assets" from a "besieging Rooks and Kings Alliance capital ship fleet".

While most of their work calls for using sub-capital ships, NMG. does retain a capital and super-capital capability. "We rarely use them," Alekseyev stated "as they are not generally the right tool for what we're asked to do."

The cost of an intervention by NMG. has inflated over the years of their operation. "With most week long stuff, at today's prices, you're probably looking at multiple billions flatrate." When weighed against the potential losses of some conflicts, however, the price can be seen as affordable.

The Pitboss, CEO of the Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers, Privateer Alliance, agreed with Karrde's assessment. "[With mercenary corporations] being so far and few between... we all tend to have a working mutual respect for each other." He added that while each mercenary group "has their own niche which keeps them in business" such groups have taken contracts on each other in the past. "Business is business," he added.

The dissolution of Mercenary Coalition in 05.110 and KIA Alliance's heavy loss of member corporations in late 111 left a void in the field of large, well-known "super-mercenary groups" (with the possible exception of Privateer, who could be considered more well-known for their own private campaign of uncontracted wars). With the admission of Gemeinschaft Interstellarer Soeldner into Noir. Mercenary Group, the alliance's membership of over 150 pilots is still some measure short of the scale of the mercenary fleets of yesteryear, but the recent trend of mergers between forces of "soldiers for hire" opens the potential for their return.

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