o7 Christmas Special - Sunday Dec 18 - 20:00 UTC | EVE Online

o7 Christmas Special - Sunday Dec 18 - 20:00 UTC

2016-12-16 - By CCP Guard

This coming Sunday, we'll air the final o7 show of the year, our world famous Christmas Special!

We're going to talk with devs about features they're working on, look at all the crazy things that have been happening in space lately, and get you all in the Christmas spirit! We'll visit China's version of Fanfest, look back at this year's highlights, see some pretty new graphics and have us a party in chat!

As always the show starts at 20:00 UTC (EVE Time) and airs on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.

[Watch CCP's Live stream on www.twitch.tv](//www.twitch.tv/ccp?tt_medium=eveonline_news&tt_content=text_link)

Use the #o7show hashtag on Twitter to spread the good word and don't forget to mark your calendars! This will be a fun one :)

The o7 Show is an EVE talk show produced and hosted by EVE developers and aired monthly from our headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. It shines a spotlight on EVE's development and the amazing things EVE players do in and around space every day.