Old Starbase Navigation Structures Display Issue Resolved | EVE Online

Old Starbase Navigation Structures Display Issue Resolved

2018-11-27 - By CCP Falcon

During today's downtime all existing starbase Jump Portal Arrays, Cynosural Generator Array, and Cynosural System Jammer structures were offlined automatically at the conclusion of the two week navigation structure transition period.

Although the structures have been offlined successfully, a data caching issue is preventing some EVE UI elements from reflecting the fact that these structures are no longer operational.

This issue is causing old Jump Portal Array connections to continue appearing on the map, as well as old Cynosural Generator Arrays to continue appearing in right click jump menus and the capital navigation window.

This is purely a display issue and attempting to jump to these structures will not work.

We are working on a fix to refresh these UI elements so that they stop displaying the offline structures and hope to have this issue resolved soon.


This issue has been hotfixed live, and is now resolved.

If any pilots are still seeing these display issues, restaring the EVE Online client will resolve the caching issue.