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Operation: Conscious Interruption Is Here!

2018-05-02 - By CCP Falcon

We're delighted to announce that the fifteenth anniversary celebration event, Operation: Conscious Interruption, is now live!

With this event, the Society of Conscious Thought repeat their tradition of marking the dawn of the Capsuleer Age every five years. This time, as part of the celebrations they are distributing of their powerful new Praxis-class battleship.

In an attempt to halt the release of a vessel that they see as a threat to their operations, the Drifters are raiding SOCT distribution facilities in an attempt to disrupt the Society's logistical plans.

Capsuleers are tasked with defending the Society's facilities and striking back against Drifter staging points to thwart this implacable foe and recover vital Society of Conscious Thought technology.

Operation: Conscious Interruption runs across the fifteenth anniversary of EVE Online, from today, May 2nd, through until May 15th.

With various challenges for pilots of all levels of experience, and a number of different encounters that are tailored toward rookies, solo play, group play and PvP, there's something in this event for everyone.

Check out more about Operation: Conscious Interruption over on the Live Event homepage, and dive on in to grab rewards including some kick-ass new XV branded anniversary SKINs.

Please note:

If you have logged in since downtime and do not see this event as part of the lineup in The Agency, please try restarting the EVE Online client, and it should show up just fine!