Optional Tranquillity patch 1360 | EVE Online

Optional Tranquillity patch 1360

2003-12-22 - By CCP Hellmar

We have put together an optional TQ patch. It most importantly fixes the mining drone CTD.


I also fixes a slew of other issues.

  • Firing at Mining Drone no longer causes a crash to desktop
  • Bookmark folder structure should function correctly
  • There are new columns in the scanner: size, speed, transversal speed and radial speed
  • T2 splash screen
  • As changing speed during warp is no longer valid, the UI doesn't attempt it, thus the speed meter state is always correct.
  • The User Interface is much clearer about what agents you can talk to.
  • Full station names in tool tips.
  • Bugfix to relationship tab for people with Criminal Connections.
  • Added warning so people don't go lose bunch of standings to offer expiration without due warning.
  • in "new courier mission" window, the user cannot select destination same as pickup location. Those kind of courier missions are now categorized as escrow and there's a different UI for that.
  • Updated DirectX check to check for version 9.0b and redirect users to eve-online/directx
  • added "no message in inbox" in there are none
  • You can now see ships destroyed and pods destroyed in the last one hour, in addition to seeing the last 24 hours
  • Added support for const.minWarpInDistance and const.maxWarpInDistance. This allows warpin at 15 km.
  • Minor memory leaks plugged.

If you have any comments on this patch or would like to see more usability/minor fixes, then please post your comments.