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ORE Confirms Survey Expedition Team is Lost

2009-03-10 - By Svarthol

SYSTEM 3HQC-6 1007 - Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) has confirmed that the deep core survey expedition operating on the planet 3HQC-6 I has been lost. The mining corporation suspended rescue efforts after being warned by the team not to approach the planet. The deep core surveyors, who were below the surface when contact was first lost, reestablished a temporary link before going offline for good.

An anonymous ORE employee with the corporate HQ in 4C-B7X stated that the last transmission sent by the team predicted "they would all be dead within minutes" and that they believed a "possible nuclear strike or other radiological pulse weapon" had detonated above their location. The team's final moments are being described as eerily reminiscent of the fate suffered by victims in Seyllin, who reported a nearly identical event at almost the same time. ORE reported that the planet is "shimmering with radioactivity" and that the daytime surface temperature of the world is "several times hotter than usual."

ORE officials stated that they are in contact with the Gallente Federation and are sharing information with the scientist consortium in Bourynes.