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Over 2,000 Pilots Attend New Year Markets

2011-01-11 - By Svarthol

Rens, Heimatar - The New Year Markets attracted approximately 2,000 capsuleers from across New Eden to barter goods with one another and exchange gifts.

The markets, hosted by CCP Zymurgist, offered pilots a chance to exchange goods directly for other goods rather than market trading through taxble ISK and took place in Dodixie, Amarr Prime and Rens, avoiding the over-crowded market hub of Jita.

Discounts on bulk sets of minerals were common along with acts of philanthrophy such as pilots contributing ISK to other pilots' Capital Ship funds, or abandoned jettison containers filled with gifts left lying around the market systems.

Self-proclaimed "Mayor of Rens" Menod Penter was unimpressed with the choice of Rens as one of the New Year Market locations as the local channel was filled with advertisements for the duration of the event. "I'm so grateful that you took our quiet little hub system and created a... spam monster of local chat."

Over 700 pilots attended New Year Market in Amarr, with a further 700 going to the event in Dodixie and over 600 in Rens.

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