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Pandemic Legion Future Uncertain

2010-10-29 - By Svarthol

It has come to the attention of the Interstellar Correspondents that in the next few days the future of Pandemic Legion will be decided, with strong talk indicating they will be disbanding.

Rifts have apparently occured inside the alliance with many members becoming disillusioned by the lack of leadership and activity. Wrik Hoover, of North Eastern Swat [NESW] said "a lot of operations were cancelled due [to fleet commander's not showing up]."

Emergency meetings have apparently taken place with council members, and Sjoor, a member of S.A.S [-SAS-], said "the council will meet this weekend on Saturday Evening. Disband the alliance or keep rolling with the few corps that want to stay."

Elise Randolph, another member of Pandemic Legion admitted "things are looking a bit grim at the moment."

Tensions are currently rising between member corporations as rumours escalate. Wrik Hoover was quick to dismiss claims that NESW are about to join IT Alliance, while Sjoor said that -SAS- are readying to join Aralis at Curatores Veritatis Alliance.

Meanwhile, CEO of NESW, Shadoo gave this statement on his future: "I am sorry, but I am unable to comment on the current state of the affairs, since I am in final discussions about joining Morsus Mihi."

Vuk Lau, of Morsus Mihi, revealed that his belief was that ElitestOps are set to join TEST alliance and that was all he was prepared to comment on, claiming "trillions of ISK is at stake" and that he doesn't want to "ignite the flames of drama".

With so much going on within Pandemic Legion at the moment as they struggle for some sort of order, it is clear there is tension and perhaps Sjoor put the situation into words best, saying: "I wouldn't be surprised to see PL supercaps die tomorrow, killed by PL."

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