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Patch, Cloaking and Metallica

2004-07-05 - By CCP Oveur

Patch is coming out tomorrow as scheduled, unless something severe comes up from QA. It contains only fixes and improvements to the servers and the client, addressing a number of issues that may cause client lag along with the new turret balance changes that are live on Entropy. Set long skill training, we can never foresee what happens when 7000 people start hammering on code changes, so expect a bumpy ride. Patch notes are here on EVE Insider.

A heated discussion this week has been about cloaking, that gets a temporary change due to an exploit. It now uncloaks if anything is within a 10Km radius. It'll be reverted when the permanent fix is in. It touches too many systems and takes some time to code, and the patch contains too many fixes to delay, so I decided to do it in this way.

Oh, and Metallica was here last night in Iceland. 7% of the population went to see them, which I consider impressive. Awesome stuff, almost lost my voice, they mostly played their old stuff so I was able to scream along :D