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Patch Deployment for the Cold War Edition

2005-07-03 - By Svarthol

The Cold War Edition, the new content and improvement patch for EVE Online: Exodus, will be deployed on Tuesday, 05 July, starting at 0500 GMT. Due to the size of this deployment, downtime will be extended from the normal 1 hour to 12 hours. We will do everything possible to hit the 12 hour target for deployment, but if there are unforseen issues (like a server hardware failure or router outtage at our ISP), the downtime may be extended. It is recommended that all players train a skill with a longer training time.

Patch Notes are available for viewing and are a must read, as they include an introduction to the Cold War Edition, the new content, improvements and the fixes that will be added. With a deployment of this size, it is possible that some of the changes being made have been overlooked. The Notes will be constantly reviewed and changes or additions made up to deployment. We are doing what we can to prevent so-called "stealth nerfs" and are confident that there will not be any.

During this time, the My EVE pages and the forums may be available sporadically for news and updates.