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Patch Notes for Crucible

2011-11-29 - By CCP Navigator

Patch notes for EVE Online: Crucible

To be released Tuesday, November 29, 2011. The following are the relevant file sizes for client updates:  

  • Windows from Incarna 1.1.3 to Crucible is 1.2 GB
  • Windows full client 5 GB
  • Mac from Incarna 1.1.3 to Crucible is 1.6 GB
  • Mac full client 5.8 GB



  • As part of the migration of the Cerberus localization tool we have had to re-translate the entire UI, Notifications and Messages in-game. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, a small part of the UI, as well as content that has been developed by the feature teams for this release, will be in English for the German and Russian client on the initial launch date. Further details on the Cerberus project can be found in the blog Introducing Cerberus by CCP Shiny and CCP Ronin.


  • We will be monitoring the overview settings during extreme scenarios, such as a massive fleet engagement, to ensure that the overview will display properly in all cases. Should you notice any unusual behavior, we would appreciate if you could send a detailed bug report.
  • Window settings on Tranquility have been reset as part of the changes to UI and UI scaling. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause to saved windows.



  • Stunning new visuals have been added to EVE Online. New nebulas throughout space will now provide players with a feeling of real immersion and allow for a better sense of scale and location in the universe. As a result of these new vistas, we have adjusted every stargate on Tranquility to align correctly to their destinations allowing for players to experience a graceful transition while piloting. Players should be aware that due to the alignment of stargates that instawarp locations, or locations created close to an object at a stargate may now cause bumping into that object. You can read full details about these changes in the blog Introducing new nebulae into EVE by CCP t0rfifrans.
  • The system map background nebula has been replaced with a darker more sci-fi background.
  • Star fields have been greatly enhanced to provide a more immersive feeling of being in space. Actual stars from neighboring solar systems will be displayed and the newly rotated stargates will aim at them, making them visible if they are close enough. Further details can be found in the blog  Asking for directions by CCP Mannapi.
  • New art assets have been created for the Oracle, Tornado, Naga and Talos. Our thanks go to Alexey M, dreamwa1ker (Pattern Clarc), David L and Michael S who submitted the original designs in the Deviant Art ‘Design a Starship’ competition. May your designs cause death, destruction and sweet, sweet tears for many years to come.

Time Dilation

  • In an effort to keep tremendously large fleet engagements fun, the universe will slow down time in order to keep up with the strain of simulating many hundreds of ships.
  • Read more about the details and motivations in CCP Veritas’ devblog Introducing Time Dilation and watch him demo it in the Time Dilation Video Demo.
  • Due to the dangerous nature of altering the fabric of spacetime in such ways, the feature will be turned on at a slightly later date.  This is to provide isolation from other fundamental alterations to the machinations of the universe in order to reduce the chances of total protonic reversal.

Captains Quarters

  • New Captains Quarters have been added for the Amarr, Caldari and Gallente. Full details can be found in the blog Introducing racial Captains Quarters by CCP t0rfifrans
  • Added Captain’s Quarters functionality:
    • You can now drag and drop your ship from my ships list anywhere on the CQ environment to activate that ship.
    • The floating ship now has the same functionality as in the Ship Hangar view, you can double click to open cargo and right click to open contextual menu.
    • Avatar camera and zoom have been refined.
  • Station services window again shows the owner of the station.
  • The 'Load Station Environments' option in the ESC Menu has changed slightly:
    • OFF: You can't enter Captains Quarter's and you have a static background image when in the Ship Hangar, hence unable to spin your ship.
    • ON: You can spin your ship in the Ship Hangar and can freely switch between Captains Quarter's and the Ship Hangar. Note that if you do not go into the Captains Quarter's, nothing extra is loaded when in the ship hangar.


  • All Caldari State sub-capital ships have had their shaders updated to the V3 shader set.
  • All Gallente State sub-capital ships have had their shaders updated to the V3 shader set.
  • The Apocalypse and Impairor have had their shaders updated to the V3 shader set.
  • Four new battlecruisers, designed to inflict massive damage at the expense of survivability, have been released. Each of the four main factions has a new ship that will bring devastation everywhere it goes. The details of these new ships are as follows:

 Caldari State

  • The Naga was designed in YC 109 by the Corporate Police Force as an anti-Guristas ship, sacrificing the usual robust Caldari Navy standards in favor of supporting battleship-class weaponry. It was rejected by Hyasyoda management for being overspecialized. The Naga design remained in the Hyasyoda archives, forgotten (save for a cameo in the Gallente holo-series CPF Blue). In YC 113 the Caldari Navy entertained contracts for a new tier of gunboat battlecruiser. Hyasyoda quickly submitted and won with the Naga, underbidding both Kaalakiota and Ishukone.
  • Battlecruiser skill bonus per level
  • 5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage
  • 10% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret optimal range
  • Role bonus
  • 95% reduction in the powergrid need of Large Hybrid Turrets
  • 50% reduction in the CPU need of Large Hybrid Turrets
  • 50% reduction in the capacitor need of Large Hybrid Turrets

Amarr Empire

  • In YC 113 Empress Jamyl Sarum I challenged Amarr ship manufacturers to build a new battlecruiser that would break the stalemate of the Empyrean War. Deviating from the doctrine of brute-force and heavy armor, the engineers at Viziam took inspiration from Caldari history. During the Gallente-Caldari War, the Caldari developed light, maneuverable ships to counter the slow ships of the Gallente Federation. This philosophy, along with a cutting-edge powertrain and ultra-light alloy armor plating, led to the Oracle. The Empire immediately ordered the ship into production. The Empress personally congratulated Viziam Chief Researcher Parud Vakirokiki, calling the ship ‘a work of Divine Grace for the Empire, and retribution to our enemies.’
  • Battlecruiser Skill bonus per level:
  • 10% bonus to Large Energy Turret capacitor use.
  • 5% bonus to Large Energy Turret damage
  • Role bonus
  • 95% reduction in the powergrid need of Large Energy Turrets
  • 50% reduction in the CPU need of Large Energy Turrets
  • 50% reduction in the capacitor need of Large Energy Turrets

Gallente Federation

  • The Talos began in YC 110 as a R&D concept by ORE. Conceived as a patrol craft for mining operations in lawless space, the Talos would have been abandoned completely were it not adopted by the Black Eagles, a black-ops branch of the Gallente government. The Black Eagles stripped the Talos of non-essential systems and bolted on battleship-class weapons, creating a quick-strike craft ideal for guerilla action. The Talos remained a military secret until YC 113, when it was introduced into wider circulation as a third tier battlecruiser. Today the Talos is manufactured by Duvolle Labs, who modified the original ORE designs to bring it in line with Gallente standards.
  • Battlecruiser Skill bonus per level:
  • 5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage
  • 7.5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret tracking speed
  • Role bonus
  • 95% reduction in the powergrid need of Large Hybrid Turrets
  • 50% reduction in the CPU need of Large Hybrid Turrets
  • 50% reduction in the capacitor need of Large Hybrid Turrets

Minmatar Republic

  • In YC 113 Republic Security Services learned the Amarr Empire was building a new battlecruiser capable of supporting battleship-class weapons. Determined to not lose their technological edge to their adversaries, Republic Fleet commissioned Boundless Creation to construct a gunboat to match. What they designed was the Tornado. Developed in record time and total secrecy, the Tornado is a testament to Minmatar engineering. Modeled loosely off of flying-wing designs of ancient planetary bombers, the Tornado supports multiple large projectile turrets, dealing massive damage while maintaining a small signature radius.
  • Battlecruiser Skill bonus per level
  • 5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret rate of fire
  • 5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret falloff
  • Role bonus
  • 95% reduction in the powergrid need of Large Projectile Turrets
  • 50% reduction in the CPU need of Large Projectile Turrets.


  • The following Tech II modules have been added and will only be available through Invention. No Tech II BPO’s will be created for these items:
  • Warfare link II
  • Mining Foreman link II
  • Core probe launcher II
  • Drone link augmentor II
  • Omnidirectional tracking link II
  • Drone tracking computer II
  • Siege module II
  • Triage module II
  • Small remote hull repair system II
  • Medium remote hull repair system II
  • Large remote hull repair system II
  • Bomb launcher II
  • Micro auxiliary power core II
  • Small tractor beam II
  • Capital tractor beam II
  • Warp disruption field generator II

Customs Offices

  • Player owned Customs Offices will be introduced to Planetary Interaction. This new feature allows players to make planetary taxation a profitable business. In order to become a proud owner of a Customs Office you need to erect a Customs Office structure in orbit of a planet. Full details can be found in the blog Player Owned Customs Offices and Player Owned Customs Offices: An update by CCP Omen.
  • All high security Customs Offices are transferred to CONCORD who will charge doubled import and export taxes.
  • Ownership of all low security, 0.0 and wormhole Customs Offices is transferred to NPC corporation “Interbus”.
  • The Interbus Customs Offices can be used for Planetary Interaction or shot down without standing or security penalty.
  • Interbus Customs Offices will not be de-spawned and will remain until destroyed.
  • The Interbus Corporation will charge slightly more tax than CONCORD and we will monitor the tax rates for both CONCORD and Interbus to ensure that they are working correctly.
  • The Customs Office Gantry is a 7600 m3 compact structure that is manufactured in assembly lines in stations.
  • Blueprint copies of the Customs Office Gantry will be available from the CONCORD loyalty point store for 6000 LP and 20,000,000.00 ISK.
  • Blueprint copies are also available from the Factional Warfare loyalty point stores for 3000 LP and 10,000,000.00 ISK. As a reminder these will be the stores of the 24th Imperial Crusade, Sate Protectorate, Federal Defense Union and Tribal Liberation Force.
  • A Customs Office can only be owned by a player corporation and only players with Station Manager role can edit the settings of an operational Customs Office. A player with the role "Config Equipment" can perform the upgrade from Gantry to Customs Office.
  • Custom tax rates can be set for your corporation, your alliance and friendly corporations or alliances.
  • Customs Office ownership can be transferred to any player corporations.
  • Notifications will be sent to the corporation if the Customs Office is attacked.
  • Player owned Customs Offices will generate a killmail when destroyed.

User Interface

  • A new font has been designed and replaced everywhere in EVE which makes differentiation of letters, numbers and symbols much easier. In general, ‘Eve Sans Neue’ is a refinement of the original Eve Sans font. The design was revised, technically updated and readability has been improved. Please see the News from the Fontlines blog from CCP Punkturis for more information.
  • We have added a UI Scaling setting under the ‘Display Setup’ in the settings menu. This allows players to make the UI larger or smaller depending on your resolution settings. Full details can be found in the blog Size Matters – Scaling the UI from CCP Punkturis.
  • A ‘Loot All’ button has been implemented for wrecks and cans. Players can now take all items from an open wreck or can window with a single button push. If there are items which are contraband anywhere in the space, then the player is warned. This warning may be turned off, as normal.


  • Implants will now show up on pod killmails. Full details, especially aimed at killboard developers, can be found in the My brain was equipped with the following implants blog by CCP Masterplan. A forum thread for all third party developers can be found here.
  • Killmails will now display the difference between BPOs and BPCs.

Exploration and Deadspace

  • New DED complexes, rated at 3/10 and 4/10 in difficulty have been added.  This means more new bosses, more modules (never before seen in-game) and more reasons to generate massive explosions in space. Further details about PVE content can be found in the blog Pinch yourself: More bosses, more modules, more loot, less lurking, less scraps, less pop up bother by CCP Affinity.
  • As part of the ongoing Live Events, the first phase of a new site has been added to the Eram system. Visitors to Eram can read published capsuleer research at the Arek’Jaalan site found there.


  • New engine trails have been added for all races of ships.
  • Turret effects will now miss the target when the shot misses. Full details can be found in the blog I don’t always miss, but when I do… I do it in style by CCP Cholopepus
  • Sun light has been increased.
  • A brand new warp tunnel effect has been added which now warps planets around your tunnel path with dazzling effect.
  • The ‘Avatar Viewer’ allows you to view an animated, full body render of the character or agent you are inspecting, complete with camera controls and their latest clothing choices. Full details can be found in the blog Dedicated followers of fashion by CCP Solomon.


  • EVE's localization system has been replaced to allow quality improvements for current and future localizations of the game. This new localization tool is known as Cerberus. A full Dev blog explaining this new feature is called Introducing Cerberus by CCP Shiny and CCP Ronin.



  • The Raven battleship has had a complete visual overhaul and looks more aggressive than ever. Meaner looking ships mean more serious business.
  • Player ship wrecks will now drop an increased amount of salvage components.
  • Personal ship fittings have been increased from 50 to 100
  • Corporation ship fittings have been increased from 100 to 200
  • When you are disconnected from the server, an ‘attempt to return to dronebay’ command is issued to the drones you control, at the same time as the command to warp away is issued. As always, the success of drones returning to your drone bay depends upon their distance from your ship and the speed with which it enters warp.
  • All ships can now use the ‘Reconnect to lost drones’ command.
  • Your orbit and keep at range distances are remembered for each ship type, so you don't have to constantly re-configure.
  • The warp speed of all logistics has been increased from 3.0 au/s to 3.75 au/s.
  • Ship insurance is now visible to the ship’s owner in the general show info window. The insurance tab has been removed.
  • The remote ECM burst will no longer affect ships which are immune to electronic warfare.
  • The following ships now receive a +10 m/s velocity increase: Enyo, Utu, Brutix, Dominix, Dominix Navy Issue, Megathron, Megathron Federate Issue, Megathron Navy Issue, Lachesis, Astarte, Eos, Helios, Guardian-Vexor, Thorax, Vexor, Vexor Navy Issue, Vigilant, Catalyst, Elite Megathron Duvolle, Arazu, Falcon, Incursus, Maulus, Tristan, Deimos, and Ishtar.
  • The following ships now receive a +5 m/s velocity increase: Hyperion, Vindicator, Sin, Cormorant, Federation Navy Comet and Kronos.
  • The following ships now receive a 5% bonus to inertia: Enyo, Utu, Brutix, Dominix, Dominix Navy Issue, Megathron, Megathron Federate Issue, Megathron Navy Issue, Lachesis, Astarte, Eos, Helios, Guardian-Vexor, Thorax, Vexor, Vexor Navy Issue, Vigilant, Catalyst, Elite Megathron Duvolle, Arazu, Falcon, Incursus, Maulus, Tristan, Deimos, Ishtar, Hyperion, Vindicator, Sin, Cormorant, Federation Navy Comet, Kronos, Harpy, Ishkur, Ferox, Rokh, Vulture, Celestis, Exequror Navy Issue, Moa, Atron, Daredevil, Merlin, Adrestia, Eagle, Phobos, Ares, Raptor, Taranis and Eris.
  • The rate of fire penalty has been removed from all destroyers.
  • For all destroyers the shield and armor have been increased by 10%, capacitor capacity has been increased by 25% and signature radius decreased by 25%.
  • The Dramiel has had several changes which include:

o   Mass increase from 740,700 kg to 950,000 kg.

o   Max velocity reduced from 473 m/sec to 460 m/s

o   Scan resolution reduced from 990 mm to 750 mm.

o   CPU reduced from 145 tf to 133 tf.

o   Powergrid reduced from 38 MW to 37 MW.

  • The Onieros has had several changes which include:

o   Removed one mid slot and added a new low slot which results in a new slot layout of four high, four mid and five low slots. Any modules fitted to the last mid slot will be removed and placed in the owners home station.

o   Powergrid has been increased from 850 MW to 1050 MW.

o   Reduced signature radius from 80m to 70m.

o   Max velocity increased from 214 m/s to 230 m/s.

  • Significant changes have been made to capital ships of all kinds. The changes are listed below and full details are available in the blog Capital ship balancing by CCP Tallest.
  • The bonus to armor and shield transfer amount per carrier level for the Nidhoggur has been increased from 5% to 7.5%.
  • The power grid for the Nidhoggur has been increased from 575,000 MW to 605,000 MW.
  • The capacitor capacity for the Nidhoggur has been increased from 52,000 KJ to 55,000 KJ.
  • The capacitor capacity for the Naglfar has been increased from 45,000 KJ to 47,500 KJ.
  • Supercarrier drone bays can only hold fighters and fighter bombers. All supercarrier pilots have been sent an EVE mail with instructions from Customer Support on how to prepare for the changes.
  • The effective hit points of all supercarriers have been reduced by 20%, except the Hel and Wyvern who have only taken a 10% shield HP reduction.
  • The Aeon will now have:

o   Structure hit points 460,000

o   Shield capacity 392,000

o   Armor hit points 880,000

  • The Hel will now have:

o   Structure hit points 420,000

o   Shield capacity 891,000

o   Armor hit points 480,000

  • The Nyx will now have:

o   Structure hit points 480,000

o   Shield capacity 432,000

o   Armor hit points 840,000

  • The Wyvern will now have:

o   Structure hit points 440,000

o   Shield capacity 900,000

o   Armor hit points 472,000

  • The drone capacity of the Aeon, Revenant and Wyvern has been reduced to 150000 m3. This will allow for a maximum of 30 fighters or fighter bombers.

  • The drone capacity of the Hel and Nyx has been reduced to 175000 m3. This will allow for a maximum of 35 fighters or fighter bombers.

  • The bonus to armor and shield transfer amount per carrier level for the Hel has been increased from 5% to 7.5%.

  • The capacitor amount for the Hel has increased from 60,000 KJ to 65,000 KJ.

  • Drone bays have now been removed from all Dreadnoughts.

  • Drone bays have now been removed from all Titans.

  • The Moros will now receive a 5% capital hybrid turret rate of fire bonus in place of its drone bonus.

  • The effective hit points of all Titans have been reduced by 20%.

  • The Avatar will now have:

o   Structure hit points 600,000

o   Shield capacity 464,000

o   Armor hit points 1,120,000

  • The Erebus will now have:

o   Structure hit points 640,000

o   Shield capacity 544,000

o   Armor hit points 1,040,000

  • The Leviathan will now have:

o   Structure hit points 560,000

o   Shield capacity 1,170,000

o   Armor hit points 544,000

  • The Ragnarok will now have:

o   Structure hit points 520,000

o   Shield capacity 1,152,000

o   Armor hit points 560,000

  • Titan super weapons can now only fire at other capital ships. It can no longer fire its superweapon at any structures.

Weapons & Ammunition

  • Significant changes have been made to hybrid turrets to increase their overall effectiveness. Full details on these changes, along with changes to other Tech II ammunition balancing listed under ‘Weapons and Ammunition’ can be found in the blog Hybrid weapon and tech II ammo balancing by CCP Tallest.
  • All hybrid charges have been reduced in volume by 50%
  • All hybrid turrets have had their capacity reduced by 50%
  • All XL hybrid turrets now receive a -5 CPU reduction.
  • All large hybrid turrets now receive a -3 CPU reduction.
  • All medium hybrid turrets now receive a -2 CPU reduction.
  • All small hybrid turrets now receive a -1 CPU reduction, with the exception of the 75mm Railgun.
  • Hybrid turrets now use 12% less powergrid, rounded to the nearest number, with the exception of  the Light Electron Blaster I, Light Ion Blaster I, 125 mm Railgun I and 75mm Railgun I which remain unchanged.
  • All hybrid turrets have had their reload time reduced to five seconds.
  • The capacitor usage for all hybrid turrets has been reduced by 30%.
  • Small, medium and large blasters will now receive +20% to tracking.
  • Small, medium and large blasters will now receive +5% to damage multiplier.
  • Small, medium and large railguns will now receive +10% to damage multiplier.
  • Small, medium and large railguns will now receive +5% to tracking.
  • All sizes of Javelin ammunition have had their capacitor penalty removed.
  • Javelin, Gleam and Quake have had their tracking penalty turned into a bonus. The tracking speed multiplier has been increased from .75 to 1.25 x.
  • Hail has had its falloff penalty changed to 25%.
  • Falloff for XL autocannons has been increased by 50%.
  • Missiles and bombs maximum ranges now show up on the tactical overlay.


  • Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link CPU has been reduced from 39 tf to 36 tf.
  • Siege module I have received a damage boost to compensate for lost drones. The damage multiplier bonus has been increased from 615% to 700%.
  • Siege module I duration time has been reduced to five minutes.
  • Siege module I fuel cost has been reduced from 500 to 250 Strontium Clathrates per cycle.
  • Navy Micro Auxiliary Power Core has had its CPU requirement increased to 20 tf from 19 tf and the powergrid bonus increased from 12 MW to 13 MW.
  • Friendly remote ‘EW’ boosts will no longer work on ships immune to electronic warfare, specifically Tracking Links and Remote Sensor Boosters.

Fitting Window

  • The fitting window has been revamped and, thanks to client side dogma, your ship fitting will now display the average damage per second that your turrets, drones and missiles are able to dish out, as well as the total sum of the above. Full details are available in the blog Improvements to the fitting window by CCP Optimal.


  • You can now drag locally in the skill queue while holding shift down, so adding multiple levels of the same skill becomes easier.
  • The show info window of skills has been updated to include information such as skill category and what level you currently have trained.
  • If you have multiple skills in the skill queue, the one currently training is shown in a lighter shade of blue so it is easier to identify.
  • The prerequisites panel shows the total training time required, and mouse overs on the panel break this down by skill.
  • Tactical Weapons Reconfiguration skill has been changed. The description now reads, ‘Skill at the operation of siege modules. 25-unit reduction in strontium clathrate consumption amount for module activation per skill level.’


  • Insurance is no longer paid out for players who are killed by CONCORD.
  • The aggression timer for combat has been changed. When logging off in space with PVP aggression, the ship will be removed from space 15 minutes after log-off, or 15 minutes after the most-recent aggressive act against the ship, whichever is the latest.

Agents & Missions

  • Reduced the size of metal scraps to 0.01 m3 in volume.

Exploration and Deadspace

  • Anomalies have been re-balanced and their value has been increased slightly. Full details can be found in the dev blog Anomalies Revisited by CCP Greyscale.
  • Ships which are cloaked can no longer keep exploration dungeons from despawning, and by extension, respawning. This should help players who run exploration sites and alliances who have upgraded their hubs to have more exploration sites.
  • We have added more rig BPC’s to multiple sites.
  • Individuals sitting outside of the first gate of a multi-space Incursion complex when it is completed will not be counted as being part of the achievement.

Planetary Interaction

  • We have boosted the bandwidth of links to be five times bigger to deal with the hassle of constantly upgrading them.

Player owned stations, Starbases and Outposts

  • Starbases will transition into using fuel blocks in a future release. To facilitate this change, we're releasing the blueprints to make the blocks so corporations and alliances can prepare. Full details of all changes can be found in the Starbase happy fun time blog by CCP Greyscale.
  • Starbase fuel bays have been expanded by 27%
  • Most starbase structures have had their anchor and unanchor timers reduced to 5 seconds and their online timers set to 3 seconds.
  • Starbase turrets, launchers, electronic warfare batteries and hardeners have had their anchor and unanchor timers reduced to 5 seconds and their online timers have been normalized to 120 seconds.
  • Jump bridges now take 30 seconds to anchor but are otherwise unchanged.
  • Cynosural generator arrays have had their anchor and unanchor timers reduced to 10 seconds but are otherwise unchanged.
  • Capital ship assembly arrays and capital ship maintenance arrays now take 30 seconds to anchor, 3 seconds to online and 10 minutes to unanchor.
  • Cynosural system jammers are unchanged with this release.
  • You can now unrent corporation offices remotely, without flying to the station where the office is located.

Science & Industry

  • Due to the removal of drone bays from Titans and Dreadnaughts, we have changed the blueprint requirements across all capital ships as follows:

o   Capital drone bay has been removed from the material requirements of Titans and Dreadnoughts. The material requirement of the remaining components has been increased.

o   Capital drone bay material requirements have been increased on all supercarriers and carriers.

o   Ratios used are for every 100 components removed from a Titan, 25 is added to the requirement of the same races supercarrier and vice versa for components added.

o   For each five components removed on a dreadnought, one is added to the requirement of the same races carrier and vice versa for components added.

  • Increased the drop of T2 salvage components from ship wrecks.

Markets & Contracts

  • Various changes to Market drag functionality including:
    • Drag icon from ‘Details’ view to chat,
    • Drag icon from ‘Groups’ view to chat,
    • Camera click on all icons you can preview in market,
    • Drag fitting from fitting management window to quickbar scroll,
    • Drag icon from ‘Details’ view to quickbar,
    • Drag icon from ‘Groups’ view to quickbar,
    • Drag item from quickbar to chat,
    • Drag folder from quickbar to other quickbar folder,
    • Drag item from quickbar folder to other quickbar folder,
    • Drag item from quickbar folder to quickbar scroll.
    • Yeah, the markets can be such a drag.

User Interface

  • The map options window will now remember its minimized and maximized settings on a per character basis.
  • Pop-up windows in missions and other PVE content can now be minimized allowing you to read it at your leisure.
  • The asset search window now has a parser which allows you use keywords like ‘type’, ‘group’, ‘category’, ‘min’ and ‘max’ to narrow searches.
  • You can now autopilot to a station. It functions in the same way as the regular autopilot, it warps to within 15 and docks automatically.
  • Items that can be bought and sold on the market have a button at the bottom of the show info, linking to the market. Items only available in contracts have one linking to the contract system.
  • Players can now choose which wallet tooltip is displayed in the Neocom, so players that wish to display a certain corporation wallet division over their personal wallet can do so.
  • Locked targets can be reordered within the UI, so that it is easier to keep track of them.
  • If you have the ship maintenance bay of a ship open, then it will remain open when you dock or undock.
  • If you have the corporation hangar of a ship open, then it will remain open when you dock or undock.
  • The ‘Jump’ command on stargates now has similar functionality to the dock button. If you are out of range the ship will fly there and perform the action.
  • Depending on the range and target, a player using an action will now attempt to warp to, or approach the item in space, and then do the requested interaction once in range, for the following: Stargate Jump, Acceleration Gate, Wormhole, Open Cargo container, Scoop to Drone Bay, Scoop to Cargo Hold, Scoop ship to Ship Maintenance Array.
  • The session change timer has been changed from 30 seconds to 20 seconds and will now be displayed at the top left corner of the screen. There is now a general setting which allows you to see a visual session change timer in your user interface. This is turned off by default and can be turned on in the ESC menu. Full details can be found in the blog Death to the session change timer by CCP Atlas.
  • There is now an Add/Edit Contact button for Alliance info windows, so it matches that of characters and corporations.
  • The filter input field for containers how has the word ‘Filter’ in the UI to point it out to new players.
  • Inventory containers now support drag selection. No more clicking on every item you want to select.
  • Secure containers will no longer ask for your ‘old password’ when you have never given one to the container in question.
  • A notification has been added to all password fields indicating when Caps Lock is enabled. When they have focus, fields where you enter passwords will now show an upwards arrow icon to indicate that you have Caps Lock set.
  • We have added an option to disable Neocom blinking. If you right click on the blank part of your Neocom, you can turn off the blinking notifications, or if you have turned them off, then you can enable them again.
  • Cameras will no longer autopan when you mouse hover over locked targets.
  • Cosmic signatures may now be filtered according to type. This allows players doing exploration to easily sort Ladar, Gravimetric, Magnetometric, Radar and Unknown cosmic signatures in their system scanner results. Signatures which are still too weak to register their type will not be excluded from this filter regardless of their actual type.
  • Bookmarks have been renamed to ‘Locations’.
  • Corporations now have a shared locations folder where 250 locations can be stored.
  • All members of a corporation can access the shared folder. All members can add locations, but only remove their own, unless they have ‘Communication Officer’ or above
  • Location pins will now show if it is a personal or corporation location.
  • Anyone in an alliance can see all online, connected jump bridges belonging to their alliance, and the connections between them. These appear as curved green pulsing lines following the jump bridge path.

EVE Voice Mail & Chat

  • Alliance executors, CEOs and fleet bosses can now change the MOTD of channels they own. Essentially anyone with the Communications Officer role.
  • You can now drag and drop people's names or pictures into the user list of a channel to add that character to the channel.
  • The list of default chat channels has been reorganized and new channels and categories have been added.


  • Effects for cynosaural fields, jump in and jump out animations for capital ships and black ops battleships have been enhanced.
  • The doomsday effects of the Aurora Ominae, Oblivion and Gjallarhorn have been reworked and are all now as beautiful as they are destructive.
  • Captains Quarters visual appearance now changes depending on the security status of the system they are in. If the Captains Quarters look shiny and beautiful in high sec, they now get more dirty and worn deep in null sec.
  • Shadows in space have received an overhaul. Blockiness and nasty jagged edges have been replaced by smooth lines. Further details can be found in the blog Beauty hides in the shadowsby CCP Peirz.



  • The Rorqual was upside down when the industrial core was activated. This has now been fixed.
  • When a player used fitting services in space, from a Titan for example, they would not see the turrets animation or effects. This has now been fixed.
  • The description of the Malice has been updated to reflect accurate bonuses.  
  • The description of the Raven Navy Issue has been updated to include exact date references.
  • The capacitor level of a ship is now correctly saved to the database when logging off in space.  
  • The Covetor, Procurer, and Retriever have all had minor description changes.      

Weapons and Ammunition

  • Fixed an issue where mining crystals could be used without the prerequisite skills trained.
  • Fixed an issue with launchers not checking skill requirements when loading charges.


  • Fixed a case where mining drones would go idle shortly after being assigned to a new asteroid if the previous asteroid had popped mid cycle.
  • Fixed a case where combat drones would go idle shortly after being assigned to a new target, during the lock target phase.
  • When you have a drone selected and you click the ‘Scoop to Drone Bay’ button, you will fly towards the drone until you are in range and then scoop it all as one action.  


  • Mining lasers, tractor beams, salvagers and gas harvesters will keep playing their sound effects after the first cycle.
  • Launching a warp disrupt probe will give you aggression and prevent you from docking or jumping.
  • Covert Jump Portal Generators now consume 100gj of capacitor on activation in line with the activation cost in attributes.  
  • Cloaked ships will no longer decloak other cloaked ships.  
  • The survey scanner now factors the ship radius into its scan range so that the cut-off range will agree with what the overview displays.  
  • Fixed an issue where the sounds associated with cloaking were not being played.  
  • Fixed an issue where the COSMOS Process-Interruptive Warp Disruptor modules could not be contracted correctly and were not displaying the storyline icon.  
  • Faction variants of small energy neutralizers have had their skill requirements reduced to be in-line with other modules in their class. They now require the same skills as the T1 version of the module.  
  • The placement of fitted turrets on Tech 3 ships viewed from Captain's Quarters walkways now matches the fitting screen preview.
  • A warning message is now displayed when trying to offline a grouped weapon.
  • The Industrial Core I module now consumes the correct amount of heavy water.
  • When a jump portal is active on a ship it cannot receive remote assistance. This is now clearly shown on attributes.
  • Grouping of overloaded weapons modules has been refined. The overload state of the first module now dictates the whether the rack is overloaded or not when grouped.    
  • Territorial Claim Units and Sovereignty Blockade Units can now be probed down properly.
  • Siege Modules have been fixed so that they now affect explosion velocity of citadel cruise missiles.

CONCORD and Killmails

  • CONCORD no longer considers you a criminal when someone you attacked over 15min ago is killed by someone else.
  • A rare bug where a criminal flag would keep refreshing and never expire has been fixed.
  • You will now be warned before assisting someone at war when in high security space.
  • If someone you’re assisting in high security space gets an unexpected aggression flag, your assistance module will deactivate and require manual reactivation to avoid unintentional flagging towards the assister.

Boosters and Implants

  • Removed an erroneous instance of the word ‘gunnery’ at the beginning of the description for all ‘Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' CY-xx’ series implants. These are navigation implants, and have no impact on gunnery at all.
  • Synth booster reactions and pure synth boosters are now listed on the market.  
  • A production line error for the popular booster ‘Quafe Zero’ was causing a minor shield booster penalty. This negative effect no longer occurs.  
  • Snake implants no longer list a bonus to smuggling as one of their attributes.

Science and Industry

  • Small fix to Planetary Interaction that ensures the user cannot open transfer UIs while in edit mode. Previously this could result in the transfer failing even after confirmation and the user would have to close and re-open the window.
  • EMP Generators and their capital variants have been renamed to EM Pulse Generators, in order to align them more clearly with the other types of Pulse Generator.    
  • Mining Laser Upgrade blueprints and Ice Harvester Upgrade blueprints now reside in the ‘Mining Laser Upgrade Blueprint’ group. This has no effect on their market listing.
  • The ECM - Spatial Destabilizer II blueprint's Bill of Materials have been modified. 1 unit of Megacyte has been added, and the Nanomechanical Microprocessors have been removed.
  • You can no longer attempt to start a manufacturing job on a blueprint that is in an active trade window.  
  • Tech 2 mining barge wrecks now properly drop T2 generic components rather than T1 generic components.

Markets and Contracts

  • A typographical error was corrected in the welcome page for the Loyalty Point store.

Agents and Missions

  • Removed personal standings gain from storyline Agents. Previously if a storyline mission was completed in a fleet, the fleet members would be wrongly awarded personal standings.  
  • The mission series, ‘Orain Purcour - Secret (1 of 2) and (2 of 2)’, has been removed entirely.  
  • The LP store offer for an Amarr Navy Slicer now correctly needs an Executioner provided instead of a Punisher.  
  • An issue with NPC's not respawning in anomalies after downtime has been fixed.    
  • The Caldari Navy Firefox Missile loyalty point store offer is now in line with the offers for the other three rocket types.  
  • Mission,’ After the Seven (4 of 5)’, has had its completion criteria adjusted so that it should no longer be impossible to complete in some cases.  
  • You can now again copy text from the mission details window and agent conversations.  
  • The complex 'Serpentis Owned Station' has been fixed to drop the Vigilant Blueprint, instead of the actual ship.
  • Fixed a typographical error in the ‘Cash Flow For Capsuleers’ mission which refers to your ship as ‘ships’.
  • Clarified the wording on agent standings requirements to reflect that you need standings higher than -1.9 to access an agent.

Exploration and Deadspace

  • Fixed an issue where Factional Warfare systems would run out of combat sites. ‘Outpost’ sites of all sizes will now respawn every 30 minutes in all Factional Warfare systems.  
  • The site, Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive, now allows the Noctis to enter.
  • A gas cloud was blocked by some objects in an exploration dungeon. The offending objects that blocked access to said cloud has now been removed.  

Corporation & Alliance

  • Fixed an issue where a non-director couldn't filter the member list by role.
  • You can now approve or reject applications to a corporation via the right click menu.  

Character Creator and New Player Experience

  • Fixed an issue when moving or changing muscle structure on legs in the character creator.
  • Players who incorrectly lost standings in the tutorial missions have had their standings corrected. The cause of the incorrect standings has already been corrected.
  • Fixed a problem with some female characters failing to load.  
  • On-board scanner tutorial now consistently states the correct 64AU range.


  • It was difficult to distinguish between fitted turrets on ships with the new turret icons. Until new icons have been made the old icons are being re-introduced into the user interface.
  • The Megathron no longer has a small hole in the model geometry.
  • Your mining lasers will no longer go through your ship and the graphic is displayed correctly.
  • The Federation Navy Dual 250mm Railgun now has dual barrels instead of a single barrel.
  • The firing effect on the Light Ion Blaster has been fixed.
  • Under the Graphics Tab in the ESC menu, a checkbox for the ‘HDR Enabled’ option was referring to ‘Bloom’. This reference has now been removed since Bloom is now a part of the ‘Post processing’ drop down menu.
  • We have re-added the missing energy stream effect to the acceleration gate.
  • The turret locators on the Prowler are now attached to the hull of the ship and not floating in midair.
  • Garde I and Garde II drones were missing their firing effects. This has now been fixed.
  • The appearance of characters and interiors in the Captain's Quarters have undergone visual polish, offering a greater level of realism through improved lighting, shader quality and texture detail.
  • Starmap camera movements are much smoother and the lines are now anti-aliased.
  • Fixed an issue with screen flickering while entering a station.
  • City lights on temperate planets no longer render on top of the ocean.  

Player owned stations, Starbases and Outposts.

  • Cynosural Generator Array now correctly lists the security restrictions for the structure to be placed.  
  • When managing a station, the transfer ownership will no longer list the corporation who currently owns the station as a valid candidate.  
  • If you try to change your subsystems in a station in which you have no access to the fitting service your T3 ship will no longer get stuck in an invalid state. You will be prompted with an error and your current subsystems all stay in place.  
  • Fixed an issue where a CEO or Director of a freshly captured Outpost could not access some of the facilities due to their security status.  
  • POS modules now come out of their box properly on anchoring playing the animation again. A new warp in is no longer required to see them.
  • Newly installed outpost upgrades now have manufacturing lines as public access by default. 

User Interface

  • The Contacts list correctly updates with offline status when a client is forced to disconnect such as happens when a second client logs in with the same account.
  • The back and forward navigational buttons on a show info window now persist and work correctly when stacked with other windows.  
  • Changed how pinned and new windows interact with each other to fix an issue that was breaking pinned functionality. New windows will not append to existing pinned windows and windows cannot be stacked with pinned windows.
  • The Capital Navigation window will now display distances to three decimal places.
  • The client will no longer render in game UI elements at the login screen, after having lost connection with the server.
  • The People & Places, Contacts menu has been made more robust to deal with large lists in excess of 50 contacts.  
  • Fixed a freeze or crash when dealing with a lot of text in a text input.
  • Fixed some incorrect behavior when selecting text using shift + home/end then the arrow keys.  
  • Tool tips for the Title Management pane of the corporation management window now correctly appear.    
  • ‘Tip of the day’ for how to close the client using shortcuts has been updated.
  • The compare tool now correctly sorts by columns other than just item name.
  • Fixed a problem where trying to assign a shortcut to a key would sometimes fail.  
  • The Sell and Buy button when placing market orders has now the default focus again.  
  • The Show Info of the Covert Ops Cloaking Device II Blueprint is now sporting the T2 overlay correctly.  
  • Fixed missing ISK per Jump metric when creating a Courier Contract.
  • Ctrl+L-Clicking on a drone in the drone window now correctly targets the drone.  
  • ‘ISK per jump’ message is now correctly sized in the courier contracts creation window.
  • Editing a bookmark now allows you to also edit the notes for that bookmark.
  • The entry field for the folder creation dialog in People & Places is correctly aligned.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for drones have been fixed.
  • The option to start trade with a station guest is now available in the context menu before loading the guest list in the station window.
  • Holding down the Control key and double clicking will only target objects and not allow you to approach targets until the key is released.
  • Fixed an issue where ships with certain names could not be scanned down.
  • Coloring the map based on Sovereignty now takes less time than it used to.
  • Windows now open, close and focus correctly when using shortcut keys.
  • The shield boost rate is now correctly displayed with modified bonuses in the fitting screen.
  • Missiles and scan probes now show their correct stats in the show info window in the station, when they are loaded in a launcher.
  • Specialized cargo windows like fuel bays are now closed properly when switching ships in stations.
  • The open cargo hold of your active ship will now be closed again when switching out of this ship.
  • Corrected an issue where the text on the Captains Quarters screen was overflowing for the New Pilot Certification announcement.
  • Wallet tab will now blink when a character in a corporation gives shares to somebody.
  • A typographical error in the description of the Aurora Ominae weapon has been corrected.  
  • All labels for shortcuts have been made consistent so that they read ‘Open Service’ as opposed to Use or Toggle.
  • Item volumes now display a decimal point in the Details/List views as well as in the Show Info menu.  
  • Text changed in Planetary Interaction descriptions to remove inconsistencies in the spelling of Microorganism.
  • Slightly misleading message regarding a full cargo hold when mining has been rephrased to refer to your cargo hold not having sufficient space to contain more ore.
  • The size of your cargo hold is now shown to two decimal places.
  • The entry of your research agents in your journal now has the Show Info option for that agent in the context menu.
  • The visual session change timer got moved from the right side of the system name to the top left corner of the system info.
  • The station services panel now includes station information.
  • You now only receive a single message when you try and drag ammo in one of multiple modules of the same type.
  • The preview pane now properly follows its window, when stacked and moved.
  • The mass and volume attributes of ships are now correctly formatted.
  • The message for trying to board a ship with insufficient skills has been corrected.
  • The Neocom now correctly auto hides when jumping, docking or undocking.
  • When trying to drop more strontium into a strontium bay than would fit you will get the normal split stack dialog.
  • On changing currency you now need to reload the wallet journal.
  • Things you have pinned to the Neocom or map panel will now stay put as you relog.  
  • UI windows that are snapped to the Neocom or map panel will now stay put as you dock or undock. Unfortunately the root cause was the ‘Lock windows when pinned’ option so that has been removed.


  • Item descriptions in the market group window in both the Russian and German localized clients now use proper line breaking.
  • The 'Always Use English Voice' option now works as intended. Although a client restart is required.


  • The Jumps API no longer shows jumps into wormhole space.


  • The suicide attacks perpetrated by Minmatar terrorists in Amarr station hangars have been successfully put to an end. The Ministry of Internal Order is pleased to announce that docked capsuleers will no longer be inconvenienced by transport ships crashing into walls.
  • Automatic crash reporting can be disabled from the escape menu.
  • Automatic crash reporting will now collect information on your platform (Windows/Mac) as well as your GPU and driver information on your platform. This will assist greatly in following up on driver crashes with GPU vendors as well as making it possible to identify crashes particular to the Mac.
  • The description of the item,’ Khumaak’, has been updated to properly reflect EVE fiction.  
  • All instances of the word 'defence' have now been changed to 'defense', keeping in line with the English style used in EVE Online.
  • The EVE patcher now handles patching to hard drives bigger than 1TB in size.
  • The ‘Olfei Medallion’ has had its neutronium core removed, and now has a more portable mass.
  • Caldari Industry - Engineer Basic certificate now requires Laboratory Operation 3 rather than 5, in line with other races. =
  • Fixed an audio bug when using the mirror in your CQ.
  • Station names have been improved. “Gallente Station 7” and its friends got a facelift.

Client update and server changes for EVE Online: Crucible #1

Released Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

  • This client update addresses multiple issues with the deployment of EVE Online Crucible.

Server hotfix for EVE Online:Crucible

Released Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

  • Fixed an issue with CONCORD not responding in some systems.

Client update and server changes for EVE Online: Crucible #2

Released Wednesday, November 30, 2011.

Server side change

  • Fuel block blueprints have now been seeded on the market.


  • Items in your augmentation tab in the character sheet are now better aligned.
  • When you create a contract on behalf of your corporation and do not have the wallet division set, the correct text will now be displayed.
  • The overview settings window now displays correctly when you scale your UI to 90%.
  • 'Select/Deselect All' now works as expected for the Cosmic Signature group in the Scan filter editor window.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a player could become unable to leave their Captain's Quarters.
  • MOTD: The last character at the end of an MOTD line in a chat channel no longer loses its formatting.


  • Overview settings now fit better in the window in the Russian client.
  • Text no longer overlaps when you add a new contact in the Russian client.
  • Text no longer spills out of the log window in the Russian client.

Crucible 1.0 Client Update #3 and server changes

Released December 1, 2011

Server changes

  • Fixing issues with shadows in portrait rendering.
  • Server startup time increase in Crucible is being investigated.
  • Channels recently made public now allow players to join them.

Client changes

  • Drone control units now factor into fitting screen DPS statistics.
  • It is now possible to load 'Show Info' on redeemable items in the character selection screen.
  • Tooltip for assigned drones and fighters now displays character name.
  • The in game bug reporting tool is being prepped for activation.
  • Fixed an issue with text wrapping in agent conversation window.
  • Range rings in system map visible again when tactical overlay is active.
  • Folders for Corporation Locations can now be renamed successfully.
  • Error message on trying to place items in unowned jet-cans is now correctly displayed
  • Players are once again allowed to join public chat channels
  • Fixed the mouseover label when a drone is assigned to a fleet member
  • Clicking “Show Info” on an item in the redeeming system while on the character select screen will now work properly.