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Patch Notes for Revelations 1.4

2007-03-20 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Fixes, Changes and Improvements

The 'Need for Speed' Initiative

As mentioned in Oveur's recent Dev Blog, changes are being made to the EVE Universe as part of the Need for Speed Initiative.

This patch will also include a number of changes, fixes and improvements for the Contract system and interface.

More support has been added for EVE players using Windows Vista. If you are running Vista and encounter difficulties installing, patching, uninstalling or with the EVE Voice client, please refer to this knowledge base article.

Note: The following is a clarification of an earlier patch note that was added and later retracted. The following will not be added in the patch being deployed on 20 March as a part of Revelations 1.4, but will be deployed in the near future in a server-side hotfix-

  • Previous to this patch, forcefields did not deploy in a completely activated state. If the password for a forcefield was not set, entry into the forcefield bubble was not restricted, yet targeting structures through the field was not possible. Now, forcefields must have a password set before they are activated, thus restricting entry and targeting only after activation.


  • Carrier pilots can now access all divisions of their ships corporate hangar without the required corporate roles.
  • The Caracal Navy Issue now receives a missile velocity bonus for heavy assault missiles.
  • The Gila's description now displays the correct bonus to kinetic missile damage, no longer listing other incorrect bonuses.
  • The Maelstrom's shield boost bonus was being rounded down to 7%. It has been resolved and 7.5% is applied per the description.


  • Overdrive Injection Systems give a velocity bonus only.
  • Nanofiber Internal Structures give a mass reduction bonus only.
  • Inertia stabilizers give an agility bonus only.
  • Hakim's shield amplifiers have been increased to 30% resistance.
  • You can now only activate one ECM Burst at a time.
  • The description for the Auto Targeting System II module now displays the proper number of maximum locked targets (+3).
  • Auxiliary Nano Pump rigs are now stacking nerfed.
  • Descriptions for Cyber Armor modules have been fixed.
  • Certain Sensor Backup Arrays that were missing from their market group have now been added.
  • Shield thermal damage resistance icon now matches all the other "thermal damage resistance" icons.
  • The ZET500 and ZET5000 implant descriptions have been corrected.
  • All modules should be online when a ship fitted with a rig giving a bonus to power grid is activated.
  • The range of named large shield transporters has been incresed by 14% to be inline with smaller named shield transporters.


  • The fitting window can now be opened in space next to a ship assembly array thus allowing rigs to be fitted to ships in space.
  • An issue where you couldn't destroy rigs without repackaging your ship has been resolved. On the fitting screen, right click the module and select destroy.
  • The Drone speed augmentor rig's bonus is properly applied.
  • The description for the Signal Focusing Kit II rig has been fixed.
  • The descriptions for rigs that don't work on capital sized modules reflect this restriction.
  • The descriptions for rigs that are affected by stacking penalty now reflect this limitation.
  • The Sentry Damage Augmentor rig bonus is applied properly.
  • Propellant Injection Vent rigs have been changed into Auxiliary Thrusters rigs.


  • A new Start Page tab has been added to the contracts window containing useful information in the form of 'links of interest' that lead to various pages in the contracts system.
    • The new Start Page is updated when relevant information changes while logged in such as when outbid on an auction, a contract is completed, etc.
  • The Neo-Com Contracts button blinks when a contract requires your attention.
  • An new option to filter (ignore) all contracts from a contract issuer has been added. Contracts from ignored issuers will no longer be listed after a search in the Available Contracts tab. You can then view and remove characters from the ignore list by clicking a link in the start page tab of the contracts window.
  • Two new filters have been added to the Available Contracts tab for auction, item exchange and loan contracts, these are:
    • Category: Shows only contracts that contain an item that belongs in the selected category (ship, module, blueprint etc.)
    • Groups: when a category is selected the groups filter displays all groups within that category, thus allowing you to make more specific searches (cruisers, warp core stabs, etc.)
  • Auction and Item Exchange contracts can be searched simultaneously in the Available Contracts tab.
  • Missing items have been added to the item type filter in the Available Contracts tab.
  • The filters inside the Available Contracts tab have been moved around a bit between the top and bottom row depending on what is most commonly used.
  • In the Available Contracts tab you can change the view filter to global search, this allows you to search in all regions simultaneously.
  • Contracting skill now allows you to create 4 contracts per level instead of 3, up to a maximum of 21.
  • The detailed Contract list in the Available Contracts tab has been restructured to give more relevant information to the user: When the mouse is then moved over a contract it will show additional information in a tooltips popup. The height of each entry has been reduced by 30%.
  • Modules fitted on ships are now shown in step 4 in the contract creation menu.
  • Auction contracts can no longer be assigned to corporations other than your own.
  • Sorting by price and date when in simple view in the Available Contracts tab has now been corrected.
  • Loaded modules on ships that are placed into contracts are now unloaded into the station hangar automatically when the contract is created.
  • The affordable checkbox in the Available Contract tab has been removed.
  • Multiple items can now be selected in the item selection of the contract creation menu by holding down the SHIFT key. It is also possible to put multiple items into a contract by selecting them directly in the hangar and selecting "Create Contract" from the context menu.
  • Corporation Wallet Journal now includes information about the corporation member who made the contract transaction.
  • The list in the Available Contracts tab should load quicker.
  • An issue with the description of freeform contracts being lost in the contract creation menu when hitting the previous button has been fixed.
  • Corp members that do not have corp roles are no longer notified when corporate contracts change status.
  • A problem with calculating volume of repackaged ships in courier contracts has been fixed.


  • Market group ordering has been changed to more closely match the Contract drop down list.
  • Faction ammo can now be sold on the market.
  • The green highlight in the Markets Buy Orders section correctly highlights orders you can sell to while docked at stations.
  • Highwall and Yeti implants have been added to the market.


  • Tech 2 blueprints now display the tech 2 icon.
  • Mobile Warp Disruptor tech 2 blueprints invention run times and invention chance have been fixed.
  • Wastage is now applied to Outpost construction platform blueprints.
  • Show info on blueprints inside contracts now show the correct research levels.
  • You can now open a show info window on blueprints that are being used in S&I jobs.
  • The blueprint copy time of the Moa cruiser blueprint has been reduced to be inline with other cruiser copy times.
  • The blueprint mineral requirements for manufacturing the Small, Medium & Large Energy Transfer Array I & II have been corrected.

Missions, Dungeons and NPCs

  • A number of generic missions have been added.
  • Pop-up messages have been added to some highsec and lowsec exploration sites to clarify what actions have to be taken in order to unlock the gates.
  • The Cargohold no longer becomes inaccessible when opened while talking to agents.
  • Numerous changes have been made to over a 100 commonly used agent missions to improve the performance of the game as a part of the Need4Speed initiative.
  • Rogue Drone escalating path dungeons should now escalate appropriately instead of not escalating at all.
  • Mission NPCs now leave a wreck when they are destroyed.
  • NPC ships that do not drop any salvegeable materials will drop a container instead of a wreck when destroyed.
  • Exploration: the drop rate of datacores in hacking sites has been increased.
  • Exploration: the drop rate of hacking/encryption skill books in archaeology sites has been increased.
  • Some NPC effect attributes have been corrected.
  • Some Gurista and Angel Cartel NPCs had incorrect stats, such as damage, resistance and speeds. These have been adjusted to be in line with other NPC groups.
  • Numerous NPCs missile and effect range problems have been resolved. The orbit range is no longer greater than the effect/missile range.
  • Sansha's Demon, Sansha's Berserker and Sansha's Battletower now drop the correct loot.
  • Dire Pithi Wrecker, Plunderer as well as Dire Guristas Wrecker and Plunderer were having orbit range problems for guns and missile. This has been fixed.
  • The following ship types are now leaving wrecks when destroyed: Interceptors, Logistic Ships, Recon Ships and Stealth bombers.
  • New NPCs introduced in content updates will be visible in the overview with the "Pirate NPC" option selected.
  • Cruiser sized modules will no longer drop in Serpentis battleship wrecks.
  • Some overseer structures that are supposed to drop loot will now do so.

Character Creation, Skills and The New Player Experience

  • Options in the character creation process can now be double-clicked to continue to the next step.
  • Character Creation now displays the attributes gained from Learning skills.
  • It is no longer possible to create a character without distributing all attributes.
  • The following skills can no longer be trained on Trial accounts: Anchoring, Starbase Tactical Officer, Cloaking, Cynosural Field Theory, Drug Manufacturing, Gas Cloud Harvesting and all field-specific R&D Agent skills.
  • Electronics level 1 has been added to the Minmatar Military career path. This resolves a training glitch, as the Minmatar military has been training cadets in Signature Analysis without training Electronics.
  • Skills now display different icons to denote their training status, i.e.: silver- untrained, gold- trained, gold w/ flipped page- in training or partially trained, dark brown- level5.
  • It is now possible to view all trainable skills on your character sheet by checking the "show all trainable skills" box.
  • It is now possible to view all partially trained on your character sheet by checking the "show partially trained skills" box.
  • The description of the skill Scrapmetal Processing has been revised to better explain the function of the skill.
  • The descriptions of the skills Contracting and Corporation Contracting have been updated to better describe their function.


  • The research point cost to purchase datacores from research agents has been decreased dramatically.
  • Decryptors now add to the max runs outcome of the blueprints as originally intended.
  • The limit of data cores you can buy each day has been raised to 4000.
  • Drop rate of Encryption Method skills has been increased.
  • Drop rate of data cores has been increased.
  • The invention requirements of the 75mm Railgun have been corrected.
  • The Hulk is now listed as a variant for T1 mining barges and can be invented as a result.


  • Control towers anchored at a moon are now moved into the center of the grid, up to 100km+ from the warp-in point. This has been done to resolve various grid issues with control towers.
  • An issue with starbase sentry guns not resuming aggression if restocked with ammo after depletion has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to remove ammo from anchored sentry guns and missile batteries.
  • The storage capacity of Mobile Laboratories has been increased to 25.000m3 to facilitate invention.
  • The description of the Caldari Control Tower was changed to specify that it gives a -75% bonus to ECM Jamming Battery Target Cycling Speed.
  • Directors now receive low-fuel EVE-mail notifications for starbases.


  • The IGB no longer adds a dot at the end of links that do not have a dot in them, i.e. //link/.
  • An issue with adding bookmarks to the IGB has been fixed.
  • A UI issue with adding/removing trusted sites in the IGB has been resolved.


  • Logging off inside a warp disrupt bubble (mobile warp disrupt or interdictor bubble) no longer triggers an emergency warp.
  • An issue where you own character would show up with "random" standing-icons in chatchannels, has been resolved.
  • Station Lobby now differentiates corporations that have an actual office/hq in the station and corporations that only have their headquarters in station. This makes it easier to see what corporations have an actual office in the station.
  • Issues with the overview window disappearing and going beyond the screensize's height have been resolved.
  • In the "Science and Industry" window, the range selector in the "jobs" tab, is now a top-level option; allowing you to easily filter out jobs where needed.
  • Ice belts have been removed from all systems with 0.8+ security standing.
  • Wrecks that contain loot can now be salvaged without having to remove the loot first.
  • An asteroid seeding issue in the G5KW region has been addressed.
  • A message that popped up when changing the CSPA charge has been changed so that it correctly states that the maximum charge that can be set is 100.000 ISK.
  • Resizing the overview no longer causes wrecks to appear empty.
  • Fixed an issue with pasting a large amount of text into an eve mail or chat window, text will now be pasted and if too long truncated.
  • An issue has been fixed with stations services not working after using the shortcut CTRL+ALT+W to close all windows.
  • Corporate standing takes low standing members into account.
  • Reset windows to default positions in the ESC menu has been fixed.
  • An issue with the gang broadcast buttons being misplaced after undocking has been fixed.
  • Dungeon broadcast messages are now received by characters not in a gang. Now “solo” characters receive the broadcast text message and a sound is played as well to notify them.
  • A shortcut option to the fitting screen has been added to the shortcut tab in the ESC menu.
  • Systems in Jovian space have been changed to true 0.0 security status to avoid standing loss issues in future tournaments.
  • An option to sort by slot has been added to hangars with view in list mode.
  • Ward console and Enhanced Ward console have had their icons swapped, as they where not correct.
  • “Ghost” icons no longer remain stuck on screen if the item being dragged was destroyed or moved.
  • Four new tracks have been added to the EVE client's soundtrack.
  • Drones/Fighters can not be launched and fighters cannot be delegated while inside a control tower force field.