Patch Notes - Version 19.07 | EVE Online

Patch Notes - Version 19.07

2021-09-01 - By CCP Dopamine


The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 19.06). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

Initial Release Date: 2021-08-10
Last update: 2021-09-01

RELEASES:    2021-08-10.1  |   2021-08-31.1  |   2021-09-01.1

Patch Notes For 2021-09-01.1

Features & Changes


  • The Caldari Union Day event has begun! The festivities across Caldari space will run until downtime on 8 September.
    • Daily Login Gifts are available to all capsuleers including skillpoints, skins, Caldari State apparel, and a special 4 day Caldari Union Day Expert System
    • A special warp velocity bonus will apply to all capsuleers travelling within Caldari regions.
    • The Megacorporate Union Day parades have returned and can be found within the Josameto, Airkio, Saisio, Sobaseki, Annaro, Malkalen, and Suroken systems. Capsuleers can receive skill points for completing daily challenges to visit these parades and launch fireworks alongside the other revelers.
    • State Mining Expedition sites have returned and can be found within the Umamon (Lonetrek), Okomon (The Forge), and Santenpaa (The Citadel) constellations for the duration of this event
    • To celebrate Union Day, new Military Stockpile Captain SKINs for the Griffin, Corax, and Ferox have been added to the State Military Stockpile loyalty point store
    • New Caldari landmark sites can be found within the New Caldari and Urlen systems.
    • A themed abyssal proving ground will be running from September 3 to 7, featuring a 2v2 Caldari Battlecruiser format with a repeatable challenge providing 20m isk for dealing at least 7k damage within the proving grounds.
    • Tune in to CCP TV at 18:00 UTC on Monday September 6 to participate in a special Caldari Union Day trivia livestream!
    • Join with your fellow State loyalists in a Union Day Caldari propaganda contest! Details of this contest will be announced in an EVE news item soon.
    • For the latest on Caldari matters, stay tuned for a highly anticipated address from the newly selected leader of the State, Akimaka Saraki, which is expected to be delivered within the next few weeks.

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Patch Notes For 2021-08-31.1

Defect Fixes


  • Fixed an issue which caused incorrect visual effects to appear on the Golem State Police SKIN.

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Patch Notes For 2021-08-10.1

Defect Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where hangar atmospheric sounds would disappear when opening the star map.
  • Increased the maximum volume level in-game videos can be set to. Set the default volume of videos to be at max volume.


  • Fixed an issue with the camera for male corporate business pants in the preview window.
  • Fixed a minor issue with FidelityFX.
  • Fixed the Cloak Stabilization Booster so that it displays the correct icon.

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