Patch Notes - Version 22.01 | EVE Online

Patch Notes - Version 22.01

2024-06-13 - By EVE Online Team


The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 22.01). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

Initial Release Date: 2024-06-11
Last update: 2024-06-13

🤝 - Indicates a change inspired by the player's feedback or suggestions.

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Patch Notes For 2024-06-13.1

Features & Changes:

Missions & NPCs:

  • Adjusted the Infested/Shielded starbase escalation’s Forcefield and Control Tower Signature Radius from 1000m to 32000m so that all capital weapons (Such as T2 XL Torpedo’s and close-range heavy fighters will now be able to apply full damage).

Science & Industry:

  • Blueprints for the Metenox Moon Drill are now available in all Upwell Consortium Member Corporations for 6 billion ISK.

  • Metenox Moon Drills can now be bought and sold on the market.

  • Skyhook Blueprints now get benefits for manufacturing from engineering complex structure rigs that provide bonuses to structures, such as the Standup XL Set Structure and Component Manufacturing Efficiency I rig.


🤝 Further tweaks based on player feedback.

  • Carriers:

    • Conduit jump fuel cost per LY reduced from 21,000 to 3,000.

  • Squall:

    • Powergrid Output increased from 215 to 250.

  • Deluge:

    • Powergrid Output increased from 180 to 190.

  • Torrent:

    • Powergrid Output increased from 230 to 265.

Defect Fixes:

Corporation Window:

  • Bulletins now show in the Corporation Window for all members of the corporation.


  • Standup Fighters will now function again.

  • As a side effect of rolling back a change, Standup Fighters can no longer be included in the Infrastructure Hold, we’re working on getting a fix for this in the coming week.


  • Fixed icons for Metenox Moon Drill and Avalanche wrecks.

Homefront Operations:

  • Homefront Operation sites will now periodically check if the current owner is within the combat area and reassign ownership if not.

New Player Experience:

  • Added missing highlights and blinks.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the filters for Power and Workforce in the Colony Resources section of the Agency did not work.

  • The input fields for Power and Workforce filters in the Colony Resources section of the Agency have been made larger so that four digit numbers can now be easily read.

  • The SKINR Collection will now load all design components correctly in languages that use non-ASCII characters (ie. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian).

  • The PLEX icon in the SKINR Studio is no longer overlapped by the price text.

  • The SKIN Name text in the SKINR Studio is no longer cut off at various UI scaling settings.

  • Opening the Design Components page in the Market will no longer cause an FPS drop.

  • Fixed an issue preventing inventories from loading in stations/structures with Asset Safety containers.

  • Fixed incorrect padding between items in inventory windows.

Patch Notes For 2024-06-12.1

Features & Changes:

Air Daily Goals & Reward Track:

  • When clicking on a milestone in the Air Opportunities window the players will be sent to AIR Daily Goals page.


  • Counter-Insurgency Sentry Guns have had a 30 day decay timer added to them, so they will now disappear after 30 days from being deployed. Existing ones will also disappear after 30 days from now if they aren’t destroyed by players.

Login Rewards:

  • Until June 20th a special set of Expansion login rewards will be available for players who log on. Rewards include Sequence Binder Welcome package and components for SKINR Ship Personalization, up to 200K skill points, and boosters.


  • The new navy fighters will now appear in the faction and storyline drop down section for the market.

Science & Industry:

  • Reduced the amount of Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessors from 1,500 to 75 for the Vendetta.

  • Magmatic Gas has had it’s volume adjusted from 1.5m3 to 0.1m3.


The Upwell Haulers were a little too strong if they were fit for max tank (ignoring the missile bonus completely), so we’re rebalancing them by bringing their powergrid and CPU requirements closer to existing ships in their class, and giving them a huge fitting reduction bonus to medium missile launchers.

  • Added a new role bonus to the Squall, Deluge and Torrent: 90% reduction in heavy missile launcher, heavy assault missile launcher and rapid light missile launcher powergrid and CPU fitting requirements.

  • Squall

    • Powergrid Reduced from 400 to 215

    • CPU Increased from 380 to 395

    • Base price adjusted so it no longer insures for more than the build cost.

  • Deluge

    • Powergrid Reduced from 430 to 180

    • CPU Reduced from 400 to 300

    • Agility increased from 0.51x to 0.59x

  • Torrent

    • Powergrid Reduced from 460 to 230

    • CPU Reduced from 420 to 305

  • It is now possible to put Standup Fighters, Upwell Structure ammo and bombs inside the infrastructure hold of the Upwell Hauling ships (Squall, Deluge, Torrent and Avalanche)

  • It is now possible to scoop deployables and structures directly to the infrastructure hold of the Upwell Hauling ships.

Structures & Deployables:

  • The Maximum deployment range for upwell structures around Sovereignty Hubs has been increased from 1,000km to 10,000km.

User Interface:

  • Added a ‘Create Skill Plan’ button to the Confirm Skill Purchase window that pops up after clicking the new ‘Buy and train’ button for required skills.

Defect Fixes:

Air Daily Goals & Reward Track:

  • The glow around Omega rewards is now in sync after hovering the icons in the Daily Goals tab for Alpha players.

  • The Reward Track and / or Daily Goals are now showing up when first opening the Air Opportunities Homepage.

  • Claim All button is now visible in the Daily Goals Reward Track page after completing one Daily Goal.

  • Claim All button no longer reappears after being used.

  • The Reward Track’s milestone for SP is now showing correct information.


  • SFX for the Metenox Moon Drill now triggers and loops properly.

Corporation Projects:

  • Corporation Window no longer displays duplicated Offices in “My Corporation”.


  • Long-Range Heavy Fighters can now use their Micro Jump Drive ability again.

  • Mobile Micro Jump Units are functional again.


  • Molok material maps have been intentionally adjusted (less metallic veins on the ship).

  • Some ships now have 3 customization slots in the SKINR instead of 4:

    • Triglavian ships

    • Bane

    • Rhea

    • Charon

  • Pattern settings are now carried over when selecting a new hull within the SKINR (mirroring, pattern display toggle).

  • Structure SKIN is now displayed correctly in the fitting window.

  • Alphabetical filtering in the SKINR is no longer case sensitive.

  • Quantity of activated and unactivated SKINs is now updated after activating a SKIN from the SKINR Collection.

  • Temporary SKIN license is no longer active on boarded ship after expiring.

  • Sequencing in Progress count now updates correctly after starting a sequencing job in the SKINR Studio.

  • Sequencing max jobs count now updates immediately in regards to skill levels.

  • 3D ship preview in SKINR resets to active ship after using “Complete Now” on sequence job.

  • Pattern display toggle updates correctly for 3 slot ship configurations in the SKINR Studio.

  • Create New Design resets to active ship after viewing a design for another hull.

  • SKIN icon cards no longer appear with black background as it did for some.

  • Activating a SKIN license from the Collection no longer reloads the entire Collection.

  • Fitting Window Personalization tab optimized to load quicker when loading custom SKINs.

  • Correct description added for the Batch Sequencing skill in the Show Info window.

  • Correct highlighting appears on stack of unactivated SKIN licenses when a copy was previously activated from the stack.

  • Limited Metallic Nanocoatings are referred to correctly in Show Info window.

  • SKINR instantly updates with account clone state changes.

  • There is now indication in the SKINR Collection when one SKIN license is activated from a stack of multiple licenses.

  • Expandable panels no longer overlap Customization Slot and Back button in SKINR Studio on smaller window sizes.

  • Studio page optimizations to handle situations after many Sequencing in Progress jobs are running and interacting with UI.

  • Ambient traffic no longer appears outside of an unanchored Skyhook.

  • Fixed an imbalance in the beam brightness on the Skyhook's lower platform.

  • Cleaned up floating lights and z-fighting on the Skyhook wreck.

  • Restored missing decals on the Cyno Beacon.

  • Metenox Moon Drill now has collision.

  • Mining beam no longer disappears when warping away from Metenox Moon Drill and returning.

  • Fixed clipping issues and floating lights on Metenox Moon Drill.

Ship Tree:

  • The Ship Tree’s ship group icon tooltips will now work correctly when the required skill(s) is only trained with Expert Systems.

  • The Neocom Ship Tree icon will no longer start to blink again after viewing a ship unlock in the Ship Tree’s ‘New Unlocks’ section.

User Interface:

  • The Agency page for Colony Resources will now show results when opening for the first time and after pressing the ‘Reset All’ button. Also, the sorting of the results is now correct when using the filters.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Show Info window for stars to show correctly.

  • Faction names are no longer bleeding out of their Ship Tree info box on some UI Scaling settings.

  • The ‘Add all skills to Skill queue’ button now correctly does not appear after completing the ‘Buy and train’ flow in the Mastery tab of a ship’s Information window.

  • Packaged items now display their correct volume per unit in the on-hover tooltip and elsewhere.

Patch Notes For 2024-06-11.1

The Equinox expansion is out!

Full overview of the contents of the expansion can be found here: Equinox Expansion Notes!

Additionally, for those interested in seeing the values for Power, Workforce and Reagents for all the nullsec systems in New Eden + SOV upgrade costs, you can download a spreadsheet with all that juicy info here: Equinox System Resource Data!

Features & Changes:


  • FREE 7 Days Omega is back until 20 June.

  • 🤝 Added Mining Drone Operation III skill to Mining Barge Operations Expert System.

Defect Fixes:


  • The Triglavian Encryption Methods skillbook was incorrectly giving a 1/30 bonus per level to invention success chance, rather than 1/40 like all other Encryption Method skillbooks. This has been corrected.

    • The result is that all triglavian tech II ships and modules will now have slightly lower invention success chances.

  • Hornet EC-300’s will now appear as being unlocked by Electronic Warfare level IV when looking at the Electronic Warfare skill show info window.

Homefront Operations:

  • Logistics NPCs within Abyssal Artifact Recovery sites will no longer become inactive after their initial spawn.

  • Info Panel objectives will now appear correctly if the character is already within a site on log-in.

  • Prevented some environmental objects within Metaliminal Mining sites from appearing within the wrong weather type.

  • Fixed a rare issue causing some Metaliminal Mining sites to appear without an asteroid present.

  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the Drifter Battleship to appear when first entering an Abyssal Artifact Recovery site.

  • Triglavian Battleships within Abyssal Artifact Recovery sites now use correct turret duration and HP values.